Students’ savings contribute to humanitarian fund

(VOVWORLD) - Since 2013, the Youth Union of Krong Pak district, Dak Lak province has been raising money for a charity fund to build houses for social beneficiaries and less fortunate people. By calling on students and pupils to donate the “Humanitarian House” Fund every year, the Youth Union has helped families of poor students upgrade and rebuild their houses.
Students’ savings contribute to humanitarian fund - ảnh 1
Y Đút Êban (checked shirt) and his family on ground-breaking day to build a new house.

Under the hot noon sun, Y Đút Êban in Kplang hamlet is hurrying to level the land to build the house’s foundation. Y Dut said he has to quickly finish his work for the builders to continue.

Y Dut and his wife have been working far from home. Grandmother helps them take care of their three children at home. Their old house was a makeshift hut of around 10 sq. meters. Earlier this year, one of their sons, Y Duy Nie, Y Diet’s son,  received funds worth nearly 3,000 USD from Krong Pak district’s Youth Union and other donors to build a new house. They are very happy to have a new house.                  

“Our work is very hard. We can only afford our daily meals, not enough to build a house. We didn’t have any resources to borrow money. Now we are very happy to receive funds from the Youth Union to build this house. We will work harder to buy some furniture,” Y Dut said.  

Students’ savings contribute to humanitarian fund - ảnh 2
Mai Thi Phuong's house was built in 2016 by the “Humanitarian House” Fund.

Two other households in Tan Tien commune were given money to build houses. Mai Thi Phuong said she collects waste to sell for money to raise 3 children. With a fund of more than 1,000 USD from the Youth Union and loans from relatives, her family also built a new house. 

“The sum is small for others, but big for me. I appreciate the donors’ their compassion and support for us. We are happy to live in a new house. We had paid all loans and our life is stable now,” Phuong said.

Besides donations from students, the Youth Union has called for support in terms of work days, house design, and other costs. Vo Quoc Viet, Secretary of Tan Tien commune’s Youth Union, said: “We have responded to the district’s Youth Union to raise funds to build humanitarian houses. The Youth Union members help dismantle the house and level the foundation. We have mobilized all resources to help poor households improve their lives.”

Nguyen Van Ha, Secretary of Krông Pắk district’s Youth Union, said the Youth Union gives each household more than 1,000 USD and gathered other donors to contribute the same amount to build a house in a cost-effective way. The charity houses have encouraged poor people to strive to escape poverty and rekindle the spirit of giving.

“The result is not just a house. The program educates children about love, affection, sharing, and finances. It’s true that the students benefited from the program have studied harder and their families have worked harder. They have been more engaged in community activities,” Ha said.

The program of Krong Pak district’s Youth Union has inspired unity and sharing among young people and promoted the tradition of “the haves help the have-nots.

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