“For a Hanoi worth living in” concert honors public natural spaces in capital city

(VOVWORLD) - After the success of its first performance last year, a concert series called "For a Hanoi worth living in" featuring the Samsung Thai Nguyen Harmony and Diversity Choir continued at Hanoi’s Complex 1, a multi-function space in a refurbished factory in Tay Son Street.
“For a Hanoi worth living in” concert honors public natural spaces in capital city - ảnh 1A performance involving the Samsung Thai Nguyen Harmony and Diversity Choir. (Photo: VOV)

Samsung organized the concert series to draw public attention to the need to protect public natural spaces in Hanoi.

Conductor Vu Ngoc Son said, “Our choir usually performs in halls like the Opera House or the Vietnam National Academy of Music. But when we sing in an open space like this, we are more accessible to the general public. We are proud to serve the community. When spaces like this are renovated into cultural arts and performance spaces, they are very useful to the people of Hanoi.”

Choir member Nguyen Thanh Hai said, “This is the first time I’ve performed in an open space like this. The feeling is very different – surprisingly, it’s more fun. In the past I only performed for company employees. Now I’m very honored to perform to everybody in the complex. I hope the audience will see the need to protect the living environment of Hanoi so we will have a more beautiful city worthy of living in.”

The Diversity Choir is comprised of old people, children, people with disabilities, LGBTQ members, and ethnic minorities.

Though differing by life circumstances, social status, and attitudes, they all share a love for Hanoi and want Hanoi to have more natural spaces.

“The choir has participated in this concert twice because we want to contribute to the cause of preserving clean, green spaces in Hanoi. If factories were demolished only to build high-rise office buildings and commercial centers, Hanoians would have no clean air left to breathe. We really hope that more old factories will be replaced with open spaces like this, so young people will have a place for community activities," Choir member Le Giao Tien said. 

“For a Hanoi worth living in” concert honors public natural spaces in capital city - ảnh 2People's Artist The Dan performs at the concert. (Photo: VOV)

A highlight of this year's concert was a performance by The Dan, a People's Artist of the Vietnamese two-string fiddle, whose music is inspired by traditional folk melodies.

Le Quang Binh, coordinator of the concert series, said, “We love organizing events in an open space like this. Most concerts are held in a hall. But when a concert is performed in an open space, it creates more interaction and closeness between the performers and the audience. By organizing the concert in an old factory space that has been turned into an art performance space, we want to send the message that Hanoi needs more spaces like this.”

Complex 1 is a community cultural space that brings together artists and the public.

Ha Vy who lives in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung district, told VOV, “We just wanted to go out someplace, and were very surprised when we saw the choir performing. They sang very professionally. I’ve never heard a better choir.”

“The space has been refurbished quite nicely. The materials used are very natural. It makes me want to bring my children to play here regularly. When I heard a choir singing, I was surprised. These songs revived some childhood memories, especially my memories of mid-Autumn festivals,” said Dang Thi Quynh from Hanoi’s Nam Tu Liem district.