Meals spread love to northern mountainous students

(VOVWORLD) - Hundreds of children in disadvantaged areas in the northern mountainous province of Bac Kan now have meals of meat, vegetables, and rice thanks to local teachers, benefactors, and a charity group named “Feeding children in Bac Kan”. The meals have dispelled the coldness of the mountain region, spread love, and fueled spirits in remote hamlets.
Meals spread love to northern mountainous students - ảnh 1Tran Quang Huy, leader of the “Feeding children in Bac Kan” group. (Photo: VOV)

The kindergarten and primary schools of Khau Qua and Nam Dai hamlets are located at the center of the core zone of Ba Be National Park. All local families are poor or near-poor.

Thanks to the support of the community and the efforts of teachers, Khau Qua School has now been upgraded and the food rations of 38 students here have improved.

The changes are partly attributable to the "Feeding children in Bac Kan" program organized by a group of young people in Cho Don district who persuaded benefactors to pay for food, a kitchen, and cookware to help teachers prepare lunches for the children.

The group is led by Vice Chairman of Xuan Lac commune Tran Quang Huy, an ethnic Tay born in 1980.

Huy set up the group in September after his participation in several volunteer programs revealed to him the meagerness of the children’s meals.

“We planned to help all the disadvantaged children in Cho Don district and across Bac Kan province. That’s why our group’s name is ‘Feeding children in Bac Kan’ rather than ‘Feeding children in Cho Don’. We faced difficulties at first because this is the first such model in Bac Kan," said Huy.

"By publicizing our expenditures transparently, a benefactor who adopts a child can monitor his donation directly through the activities of parents and teachers. The program is attracting many people.”

Meals spread love to northern mountainous students - ảnh 2The children at Khau Qua School are happy to have meals of meat, vegetables, and rice during cold winter days. (Photo: VOV)

Nguyen Van Nam, Director of the Nam Hue Company and President of the provincial Young Entrepreneurs’ Association, said that as soon as he heard about the group and its activities, he and his wife donated and encouraged their friends and relatives to participate.

“We decided to adopt five children after visits to the schools and persuaded friends to adopt another seven children. Our group is raising donations to build a school for disadvantaged mountain hamlets. If each of us donates a tiny bit, the children will have nutritious meals,” said Nam.

The dedication of the teachers plays a key role in the program. The teachers at Khau Qua School take turns buying food at the commune market and preparing lunch for the students, never receiving any remuneration.

Luc Thi Lan, a teacher at Khau Qua school, told VOV that her greatest happiness is seeing the students enjoy healthy meals.

She added, “In the morning, we go to the a communal market more than 20 kilometers from the school to buy food for the children. Each meal contains meat, eggs, and fresh vegetables. We try to give them healthy food. Though it's hard, we do our best for them because it’s a way to thank all the people who have supported the students.”

The “Feeding children in Bac Kan” group was recently admitted as a member of the Vietnam Volunteer Network in the northern region. This recognition has inspired the group to carry out bigger plans in the future.

The immediate target is helping 350 children at several schools in Bac Kan province, said group leader Huy.