Park Hang-seo: I am proud to continue leading team Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) -During the contract extension ceremony between Coach Park Hang Seo and the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) in Hanoi on Thursday, the South Korean coach expressed his pride in leading the Vietnam national team.

Park Hang Seo and VFF Vice President Tran Quoc Tuan were interviewed by reporters:

Q: What was the most difficult part of negotiating a contract with the VFF? What are your specific goals with respect to Asia or the world?

Park Hang-seo: I was not a direct negotiator. My representative did that for me. We have successfully reached an agreement. In the negotiation process, I always insist that I will be in charge of both the national team and U22. The most important thing is coming to an understanding between the two sides.

Football is a collective game. I have to discuss things with my assistants. Our long research and negotiation, that's one of the problems. Regarding my goals, my position is the same as for the past 2 years to get the best possible results. There is a growing number of supporters waiting for this. I am ready to respond to this waiting.

Park Hang-seo: I am proud to continue leading team Vietnam - ảnh 1

QWhat effort did Vietnam make to reach an agreement with Mr. Park Hang Seo?

Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan: Congratulations to Mr. Park Hang Seo for his contribution over the past two years.

In the process of negotiating the contract renewal, maintaining success has been the premise for further development and further goals. We continue to invest in young football, the U17 and U19 generations. This is the future of Vietnamese football.

We discussed things very carefully and outlined a detailed 3-year plan. Mr. Park Hang-seo wants to maintain and extend our achievements. In modern football, every country is increasing its investment and looking to the 2026 World Cup. That's why we have to meet and work together toward the goal.

Q: Park Hang-seo, how do you feel after signing the contract?

Coach Park Hang Seo: Before signing the contract, many people advised me to take a rest after  our good results. I know the Vietnamese people have been expecting a lot. I don't know whether I can satisfy their high expectations. I wonder if this is the last time I sign a contract with the VFF.

I know everyone loves us.The coaching team and the players will continue to prepare to perform and conquer new challenges. I have received a lot of support from VFF leaders. They have talked to my representative a lot. I ‘m proud to continue being the head of the Vietnam national team.

Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan: The previous contract of the Vietnam Football Federation with Mr. Park Hang-seo has received support from sponsors. We greatly appreciate the support of HAGL chairman Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc for Vietnamese football. This is one of the factors that has helped Vietnamese football achieve success.

Coach Park Hang -seo: I remember a moment 2 years ago. I think Doan Nguyen Duc connected me with Vietnamese football. He is very passionate about Vietnamese football. I will always be grateful to him.

Coach Park Hang Seo: "Good morning, I am Park Hang Seo - Head coach of the Vietnam national team. Dear Vietnamese football fans, thank you for taking the time for today’s ceremony. I remembered the moment when the press conference that was held two years ago. I also told you about a few visions I had then. Firstly, we must make the most of our current resources and use our young talents to create a balance between old and new on the team.

Second, creating a concept that football is a team that contains understanding, through solidarity, towards becoming a strong team on the continent. That is our goal. Two years have passed and we made it, there are goals achieved, some goals still in progress. I am still working hard to complete it, I am happy with the result.  At this moment, I felt the responsibility heavier.

Over the past 2 years, my players have grown. I believe the players are able to compete in the international arena. The players' awareness of national love is also a great achievement. Our national team will continue to participate in the domestic league as we have done in the last few seasons, consistently developing the quality of our players . We will endeavor to lead the national team and the Olympic team more fluently through regular exchanges.

There has been a growing interest in football, with increasing investments being made. I welcomed a young football training program. I hope we will invest more in young football training. Professionals need a long-term vision in football. Over the past 2 years, Korea and Vietnam have been one, thanks to football.

I am very happy that football contributes to the friendship between the two countries. I hope to contribute my efforts to the friendship development of the two countries. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has been here and supported me and the Vietnam national team. "