Binh Duong fights origin fraud

(VOVWORLD) - The Customs Department of Binh Duong province, an area with a large number of outsourcing, production and export enterprises, has been proactive in handling  violations of origin of goods in addition to facilitating import-export businesses, according to Customs Newspaper.

Binh Duong fights origin fraud - ảnh 1 Bicycles are assembled in Excel Bicycle Co., Ltd. (Photo: Customs Newspaper)

Binh Duong Customs has detected the fraudulent act of Excel Bicycle Co., Ltd., which was established in 2018 and operates in manufacturing and assembling bicycles and electric bicycles. Via the shipment destined to the US in October 2019, The Customs discovered that the company imported 100% of the bicycle and electric bicycle components from China to Vietnam for simple assembly in the final stage. Bicycles, electric bicycles, and electric surfers were exported as finished products from Vietnam to the US to enjoy preferential import tariffs of the US Government.

Similarly, through screening of exported goods, container scanners and the post-customs clearance inspection, Binh Duong Customs Department has discovered porcelain sinks, bed cushions made of foam, and toothbrushes, which violated of origin and labeling of goods.

So far this year, Binh Duong Customs Department has discovered and strictly dealt with many violations of Vietnamese origin related to wood products and wooden furniture. Companies' declaration of origin for their products originating from Vietnam was not in accordance with the regulations. The Department has issued a decision to impose administrative sanction, collect tax and fines worth a total of over 290 million VND.