Code of Conduct on social networks issued

(VOVWORLD) - The Ministry of Information and Communications on Thursday issued a Code of Conduct on social networks to create healthy conditions for social networks in Vietnam. 

The Code of Conduct aims to ensure personal freedom, freedom of business, non-discrimination against domestic and foreign service providers in accordance with standards, practices and international treaties to which Vietnam has been a member. The Code of Conduct is applicable to state agencies, cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees in state agencies using social networks; other organizations and individuals using social networks; and social network service provider in Vietnam.

Organizations and individuals are required to learn and comply with the guidelines of social network service providers before registering and participating in social networks. It is recommended to use the full name, personal real name, real name of the organization or agency and register with the service provider to verify the nickname, website address, and contact point when joining and using the network. society.

Organizations and individuals need to self-manage and secure social network accounts and promptly notify authorities and service providers when their accounts are lost, forged or taken advantage of for unhealthy purposes, affecting national security and social order and safety, and affecting legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

 Cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees in state agencies shall comply with the Code of Conduct’s provisions for organizations and individuals; comply with regulations of agencies and organizations on providing information on social networks.