Experts urge for a national strategy on data protection

(VOVWORLD) -Experts have emphasized the need for personal data protection in the context of data and privacy protection in digital transformation and economic growth. 
Experts urge for a national strategy on data protection  - ảnh 1

Guests contribute opinions at the workshop. (Photo:

Addressing a workshop in Hanoi on Wednesday, Deputy Country Director of Oxfam Vietnam, Pham Quang Tu, called for a national strategy for data protection: “It’s vitally important to protect personal data and privacy. This will ensure efficient exploration and protection of civil data and privacy as well as personal rights.”

Lawyer Nguyen Tien Lap from the Media Policy Research and Development Institute hailed the importance of data governance and management, saying: “Privacy protection aims to leverage policies and agreements with users or clients in data collection, law and regulation compliance and third party responsibility in data management and usage.”

Currently, Vietnam has 17 laws and decrees regulating the protection of personal information and data. If established, the National Data Protection Strategy will contribute to unified data protection and management actions at the national level.