National Party Congress Press Center inaugurated

(VOVWORLD) - The press center of the 13th National Party Congress opened at a ceremony in Hanoi Friday.
National Party Congress Press Center inaugurated  - ảnh 1Delegates cut the ribbon to inaugurate the press centre of the 13th National Party Congress. (Photo:

Deputy Chairman of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communications and Education, Head of the Press Center, Le Manh Hung, ensured the effectiveness of communications activities for the event.

“The Center is equipped with transmission lines to serve nearly 500 reporters and technicians from 191 news agencies at home and more than 60 correspondents from 26 foreign news agencies working at the press center,” said Hung, adding, “More than 100 reporters from 84 foreign news agencies will also cover the Congress online.”

According to Hung, press agencies nationwide have designed specialized columns or programs featuring National Party Congress activities.

Japanese reporter Nitagawa Shiro said, “To date I feel satisfied with what the organizing board has provided us. I have been working in Vietnam for over a year and covered many major events. Both Vietnam and Japan have paid special attention to the other side so I will try my best to cover Vietnam’s National Party Congress promptly and precisely.”

An exhibition opened the same day at the National Convention Center in Hanoi displaying more than 2,000 books and papers on the Party and the National Party Congress.