“Vietnamese people travel across Vietnam” program launched

(VOVworld) – A domestic tourism stimulus program has been launched as part of Vietnam’s National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) to mark its 54th founding anniversary on July 9.
“Vietnamese people travel across Vietnam” program launched - ảnh 1
“Vietnamese people travel across Vietnam” program launched

 Themed “Vietnamese people travel aross Vietnam”, this year’s program is being deployed across the country and is aimed at achieving sustainable growth in the tourism industry, said VNAT General Director Nguyen Van Tuan. This programme focuses on stimulating the growth of domestic tourism and encouraging overseas Vietnamese to visit their homeland, as well as promoting the image of a safe and beautiful Vietnam with friendly people. To foster domestic tourism amid the East Sea tensions, Tuan said: "In face of tensions in the East Sea, we need to implement a domestic tourism stimulus program with a message: “Vietnamese people travel aross Vietnam”. Moreover, the program aims to encourage overseas Vietnamese to visit their homeland and stimulate their love for the homeland and encourage them to contribute to protecting the natural resources and poverty reduction"

After the launch, 300 university and college students paraded through the main streets of Hanoi to promote domestic tourism. In the first half of this year, the number of foreign arrivals to Vietnam surged by 21.11% from the comparable period in 2013 while that of domestic arrivals was estimated at 23.4 million, up 6.9%.

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