Ethnic minority cultural values taught in mountainous province school

(VOVWORLD) - In Nghia Lo town in the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai, ethnic minority cultural values have been preserved for generations. Recently, various activities at school are raising pupils’ awareness of the importance of keeping their culture alive.

Ethnic minority cultural values taught in mountainous province school - ảnh 1An extra-curricula activity for Nghia Lo schoolchildren to learn about Thai ethnic minority culture. (Photo: VOV)

According to Nghia Lo town’s Department of Education and Training, these activities have been held since 2019 at schools attended by ethnic minority pupils.

“Wearing traditional costumes and decorating classes in the typical ethnic minority style is part of the effort to preserve our cultural traditions. Many ethnic minority language and culture clubs have been set up at school. We plan to integrate ethnic minority language lessons into the school curriculum,” said Lo Thi Tuyet Dung, the head of the department.

More than 40% of pupils at Ly Tu Trong primary and middle school in Pu Trang hamlet are ethnic Thai. The schools have clubs for musical instruments, Xoe dance, and Thai language. 

“I’m learning the Thai language from my grandparents and parents at home and also at school. I like this language,” said Lo Thi Bao Chi, a pupil at Ly Tu Trong school.

The school also organizes extra-curricular activities, including ethnic folk games and folk songs. Teacher Le Thanh Tung said, “We have clubs for pupils who love the Thai culture and language. The pupils are from different ethnic groups, so we have to design a variety of activities to make it easier for them to join in.”

Ethnic minority cultural values taught in mountainous province school - ảnh 2A Thai language class for Muong Lo students. (Photo: VOV) 

More than 95% of the pupils in Hoang Van Thu primary and middle school in Nghia Lo town are ethnic Thai. Information about Thai stilt houses, traditional costumes, folk songs, and games is integrated into the school curriculum. Visual aids such as newspapers, magazines, and pictures are used to make the lessons livelier and easier to understand.

“In the school year 2019-2020, we launched many activities featuring the ancient Thai language. We asked a local artisan to teach the teachers and pupils the history of the ancient Thai language. We have organized many activities to inspire the pupils and encourage them to join clubs to learn and preserve Thai cultural values,” said Dang Thi Hong Anh, Head of Hoang Van Thu school.