Martyrs’ tribute exhibition at Hoa Lo Prison relics site

(VOVWORLD) - The thematic exhibition entitled “Green Sprouts on the Rocks” is open at the Hoa Lo Prison Relic Site in Hanoi to mark the 76th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27). The exhibition expresses Vietnam’s deepest gratitude to the youth of the North and the South, who sacrificed their lives during the resistance wars for national independence.

Martyrs’ tribute exhibition at Hoa Lo Prison relics site - ảnh 1The entrance to the thematic exhibition “Green Sprouts on the Rocks”.

Exhibition goers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a scene depicting some movements of Hanoi students in 1949 and 1950, during the anti-French resistance war.

These scenes have left deep impressions on visitors, many of whom are former revolutionary inmates of Hoa Lo Prison and veterans who fought during the anti-French and anti-US resistance wars.

90-year-old Do Quang Trung was imprisoned at Hoa Lo prison in 1947 and was released in 1949. “At that time, my brother and I volunteered to join the revolution. Many documents, newspapers, and leaflets for the resistance war were printed in our house,” he recalled. 

The exhibition is divided into three parts: “Youth in the Prison”, “The Flames in the Southern City”, and “Unforgettable Memories”.

The “Youth in the Prison” features documents and images that tell the heart-wrenching stories of the brave teenagers of the Bat Sat Youth Intelligence Team, which was formed and operated from December 1946 to mid-1948.

The “Flames in the Southern City” contains materials on the anti‑American war in South Vietnam. At that time, patriotic students in the South were active in many anti-war movements, such as school boycotts, demonstrations, and musical performances calling for peace. .

Meanwhile, “Unforgettable Memories” features images that evoke heroic moments of the Vietnamese army and people throughout two arduous wars, striving for national reunification.

Each section is exhibited with lively visual and audio aids to highlight the staunch spirit and sacrifices of the young people.

Martyrs’ tribute exhibition at Hoa Lo Prison relics site - ảnh 2The exhibition highlights the unyielding spirit of the youth of the North and the South during the resistance wars.

The exhibition “Green Sprouts on the Rocks” reminds Professor and People’s Teacher Vu Duong Ninh of the time when he joined the patriotic movements of Hanoi students in the 1950s.

“Under the guidance of secret organizations of the Party and students’ movements, we disseminated information of the resistance war against the French colonialists to students. We were also tasked with preparing for the return of Vietnamese soldiers to take over Hanoi in 1954. The documents and images of the exhibition recalled our glorious period of youth,” said Ninh.

“Green Sprouts on the Rocks” will last until September 30.