Publishers promote children’s reading during summer time

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese publishing houses have launched many new and interesting books to cater to children’s reading during summer time. With diversified content and patterns, it is expected to further promote children’s reading habits. 

Publishers promote children’s reading during summer time - ảnh 1The six-volume collection of science stories for kindergarteners by Hoang Anh Duc. (Photo:

Many new book titles written by domestic and foreign authors have been launched since April. Most publications have eye-catching illustrations, and interesting stories for young readers.

Hoang Anh Duc, Director of EdLab Educational Research and Development Center, said this summer, he had Women’s Publishing House publish his six-volume collection of science stories for kindergarteners which is the first volume of science stories to be written and drawn by a Vietnamese author.

“I hope that parents will spend more time reading with their children who tend to ask a lot of questions to explore the world. Parents should spend time with them to encourage their growth,” said Duc.

The Women’s Publishing House has also released a new collection of children’s science books this summer.

“We have launched a series of books which instruct children aged from 6 to 12 how to read and how to set up a family library. Apart from that are books about science and adventures for children,” said Ms. Khuc Thi Hoa Phuong, Director of the Publishing House.

Publishers promote children’s reading during summer time - ảnh 2Kim Dong Publishing House launches many new books on various topics. (Photo:

Kim Dong Publishing House has also launched many new books on literature, arts, history, science, life skills, and general knowledge. Deputy Director Vu Thi Quynh Lien said the publishing house mainly focuses on literary books.

“We issued a series of books to mark the 65th founding anniversary of Kim Dong Publishing House, including some literary works by great poet Nguyen Du. We continue to exploit the history and culture topics in our new publications,” said Lien.

Mr. Dang The Hai, Head of the Communication and Business Department of Coral books and media joint stock company, said the company plans to launch more bilingual books with eye-catching illustrations.

“We will release 11 book titles, including bilingual and Vietnamese language ones. The books are in both Vietnamese and English with vivid and colorful pictures which help children better understand the language and stories. The books also convey messages that encourage the children to interact with other people and world,” said Hai.