Traditional arts promoted in contemporary life

(VOVWORLD) - A variety of Vietnamese traditional art forms such as Tuong (Classical drama), Cheo (traditional opera), water puppetry, ca tru (ceremonial singing), have been held on stage or village festivals and in the community, which makes it easier for the public to get access to traditional arts. Over the years, the cultural sector has taken flexible and synchronous measures to preserve and promote Vietnam’s traditional art forms in contemporary life.

Traditional arts promoted in contemporary life - ảnh 1Traditional art performances at the Center for Culture and Art, 22 Hang Buom street, Hanoi. (Photo: VOV)

Performances of traditional art forms in public places have become more and more popular. Artist and curator Nguyen The Son said it is essential to bring traditional art performances to cultural heritage spaces to further attract the public.

“Performances of traditional art forms should not only be restricted within theatres but should be brought to heritage spaces to bring new experiences for the audience. For example, the classical drama ‘Son hau – Beyond the mountain,’ which is performed in the setting of an old apartment block enhanced by the effects of light, and an open space, has captivated the audience’s attention”, said Son.

Ms. Lu Thi Thanh Le, a lecturer in Cultural and Creative Industries of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, stressed the need to set up regular venues to further promote traditional arts.

“Traditional art should be performed on a regular basis at fixed venues in order to attract local and foreign visitors. It is also essential to provide visitors with specific information about the art events, location, and time so that they can arrange their plans.”

Many experts agree that one of the most effective ways to promote traditional arts is through education and communication. In Ho Chi Minh City, many theatres have brought their performances to students, helping them better understand Vietnam’s traditional arts.

Traditional arts promoted in contemporary life - ảnh 2A performance of Cheo (popular opera) at Kim Ngan temple in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. (Photo: VOV)

In cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Nam Dinh, there are also exchanges between art troupes and students from universities and colleges as a way to bring traditional art closer to the young people. Nguyen Thanh Binh, deputy head of the Performing Department of Ho Chi Minh City Theatre of Hat Boi (classical opera), said, “Our theatre has managed to attract more and more audience, especially young ones, which is a good sign.”

“The theatre has improved a lot in terms of artists and performing styles with an aim to blow new spirit to traditional art forms.”

Artist Lai Thanh Minh from Nam Dinh’s Cheo art troupe, said, “We organize themed discussions and open classes for Cheo at schools. Students are excited to learn and perform Cheo.”