Ao Dai fashion house opens to tourists

(VOVworld) – Lanhuong Fashion House in Au Co road by Hanoi’s West Lake is an attractive new place on Hanoi’s tourism map.

Ao Dai fashion house opens to tourists - ảnh 1
An Ao dai show at Lanhuong Fashion House

Lanhuong Fashion House gives visitors an overview of Vietnam’s traditional Ao dai in the past and present. Here artisans pull yarn, weave fabric, and embroider silk cloth. Others design and produce accessories such as palm-leaf conical hats and wooden shoes. Rooms display a variety of silks and handicraft products from craft villages nationwide.

Luong Thuy Linh is a customer: “These products are beautiful. They are handmade from the raw materials to the final products. I’m proud of Vietnam’s traditional Ao Dai. I will introduce this place to my friends.”

Attending Lanhuong Fashion House’s opening, Director of the Hanoi Tourism Department Do Dinh Hong said this place upholds the spirit of the 2016 Hanoi Ao dai Festival. “Lan Huong Fashion House is a certified tourist site, part of Hanoi’s plan to become a fashion center. Lan Huong and other designers will open other fascinating places to introduce tourists to Hanoi’s culture and fashion.”

Lan Huong Fashion House is the first fashion center in Hanoi officially recognized as a destination for tourists. It is also a venue for designers to share their ideas and develop their creativity.
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