UN outlines priorities in 2023

(VOVWORLD) -The 77th United Nations General Assembly held a plenary session on Monday outlining key tasks for 2023. Amid a host of global crises, UN Secretary-General António Guterres laid out his critical priorities, urging members to place peace at the center of their words and actions to create a safer, more peaceful, and more sustainable world. 
UN outlines priorities in 2023 - ảnh 1The 77th United Nations General Assembly meeting on February 6, 2023 (photo: Thanh Tuan/VNA)

The world saw great changes in 2022

The global economy has been hit hard by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and military conflicts in many places. The potential for further conflicts around the world continues. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has entered its 2nd year, with profound global implications and any chance of reaching a peaceful solution receding. The world wants peace in Palestine and Israel, where a two-state solution is growing more distant. In Afghanistan, bloody terrorist attacks occur regularly. 

The fight against poverty, climate change, violent crime, and economic inequality is difficult and widespread. Hundreds of millions of people have been displaced by violence, wildfires, droughts, and poverty.

Hot spots in Asia like Taiwan (China) and the Korean peninsula are getting hotter. Tensions between the US and China, far from easing, are seeing new complications.

The world is at imminent risk of hurtling past the 1.5ºC temperature increase limit to a deadly 2.8ºC increase. With ‘humanity taking a sledgehammer to our world’s rich biodiversity’ and ‘vampiric overconsumption draining the lifeblood of our planet-water’, Guterres called for game-changing action:  halving global emissions this decade. 

High inflation, severe supply chain disruptions, and high food and energy prices have challenged current international frameworks and institutions and are  challenging the United Nations’ ability to preserve peace, minimize conflicts, and ensure a better life for all people.

UN outlines priorities in 2023 - ảnh 2Vietnamese Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang attends the UN General Assembly meeting (Photo: VOV's journalist in the US)

Peace at the center of words and actions

The UN Secretary-General urged humanity to wake up and get to work. Countries should abide by the UN Charter, place humanity and dignity first, and put peace at the center of everything they say and do. He urged peace with nature and climate to build a more sustainable world; peace in families and every home, so women and girls can live in dignity and safety; peace in the streets; and peace in cyberspace instead of misinformation and conspiracy.

Mr. Guterres called on countries to make new commitments that take into account the urgent needs of developing countries. Debts for vulnerable countries, including middle-income countries, should be forgiven or restructured, he said.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving the goal of environmental balance within this decade are also priorities for this year.

2023 marks 78 years of the UN serving world peace. The UN Secretary-General called on the international community and the United Nations to build a more equal society where major endeavors like education, employment, sustainable development, and social security are based on the principle of “equal rights” and “opportunities for all.”

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