Dak Lak Coffee Fest offers truly taste

(VOVWORLD) - During the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, which concluded in Dak Lak province on Tuesday, many cultural activities were held in ethnic villages to serve tourists.
Dak Lak Coffee Fest offers truly taste - ảnh 1Roads are decorated for the Coffee Festival. (photo: VOV)

Y Won Knul and young men of Ako Dhong hamlet were playing bamboo and bronze drums, T'rung bamboo xylophone, and flutes, at the traditional long-house of the Ede, to accompany a man telling epics of the people. 

Y Won Knul said that more and more tourists want to enjoy Ede music and experience its unique culture. During the coffee festival, travel companies fully booked performances at the Ede community house:

“Before the coffee festival we rehearsed playing gongs, T’rung lute, and other traditional musical instruments. This is a good venue for us to introduce our culture to many tourists,” Knul said.

Ako Dhong cultural tourist village was decorated to welcome an increasing number of tourists during the coffee festival. Homestays have been refurbished, signboards and gates re-painted, and more food prepared.

Dak Lak Coffee Fest offers truly taste - ảnh 2A tourist takes photos of the local people. (photo: VOV)

Mrs. H Tít Aliô said her family spent 17,000 USD to repair the traditional long house to welcome many guests. She said: The Festival promotes coffee and culture of the Ede in Buon Ma Thuot. The villagers are very happy. We organize gong performances and invite guests to enjoy our traditional food and drink free coffee. There are homestays of Ay Ray and Tăng Bi, and A Rul and Ako Dhông coffee shops.”

Besides the Coffee Festival in Buon Ma Thuot City, there were Culture and Sports Festival of Ethnic Groups and performances of traditional worship ceremonies to pray for good health of humans and elephants. 

Y Thien Adrong said his company has designed special tours for travelers to fully explore the Central Highlands’ culture and interact with the locals.

“I design tours that match the schedule of the Coffee Festival and activities in hamlets. Each region has its own characteristics. The journey will take tourists to many places, where they can communicate with the local people to experience the hospitality and good things of each ethnic region. I will connect visitors with the locals who will share their stories of life and culture,” said Adrong.

The annual Coffee Festival has attracted more locals and tourists over the years. They come together to enjoy the upbeat performances of drums, gongs, and T'rung musical instrument, the passionate aroma of coffee flowers, and the exceptional coffee taste of the Central Highlands.

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