Kien Giang, a destination of National Tourism Year 2016

(VOVworld) - Kien Giang province in southwestern Vietnam is one of the best places to explore the Mekong River Delta. Blessed by nature, Kien Giang is home to the beautiful scenery of Ha Tien and Phu Quoc island and historically famous spots like Chong islet, Chem islet, Phu Tu islet, Mui Nai beach, and U Minh forest. Lan Anh reports:
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Kien Giang province has greater tourist potential than most of the other Mekong Delta provinces. It has become a popular destination for tourists who want to experience historical, cultural, ecological, and marine tourism. This year, the province is hosting the National Tourism Year 2016 with the theme “Phu Quoc- Mekong River Delta- Exploring the Southern Land”. Tourist activities scheduled throughout this year will to promote tourism potential, advantages and products of Kien Giang and nearby provinces. Tran Chi Dung is Director of Kien Giang’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism: “This year, we want to attract more foreign tourists. We’re creating more tours to boost local tourism”.

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Kien Giang is one of Vietnam’s 28 coastal cities and provinces. Its sea covers more than 63,000 square kilometers and its coast is about 200 km. The province has 143 islands, 43 of them inhabited. These islands and their beautiful beaches represent a great potential for ecological and marine tourism. Phu Quoc is a popular destination. Its famous beaches include Truong, Dai, and Hon Thom. Iris Bijlisma is a tourist from the Netherlands: “This is really rare on Earth. I think I have never seen such a beautiful place”.

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Phu Quoc island has some primal forests with a rich system of fauna and flora. The forests with their multiple streams and lakes provide fresh water for the residents. The wild natural forests and romantic sea give Phu Quoc an impressive beauty. Huynh Quang Hung, Deputy Chairman of the Phu Quoc People’s Committee, says there are many projects to upgrade Phu Quoc’s tourism infrastructure. Once they are completed, Phu Quoc will be able to accommodate more tourists and host major national events. Hung said:  “We hope that the number of visitors to Phu Quoc will increase sharply this year because of the activities we have organized for National Tourism Year. Many new luxury resorts open this year”.

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Kien Giang province has many national historical relics and scenic spots including Hang pagoda, Nguyen Trung Truc Communal House in Rach Gia, the Mui Nai relic site, Thach Dong Cave and the Phu Quoc Church. U Minh Thuong National Park in Kien Giang province was recognized this year as the 8th Ramsar Site in Vietnam and the 2,228th Ramsar Site in the world.

Lan Anh