Splendid waterfalls in Lam Dong

(VOVworld)- Lam Dong province is a tourist destination in the Central Highlands popular for its pure air, lush pine forests, colorful flowers and magnificent waterfalls. There are many waterfalls in Lam Dong including Cam Ly, Prenn, Voi, Pongour, Datanla, and Dambri.
Splendid waterfalls in Lam Dong - ảnh 1
Cam Ly waterfall
Lam Dong’s waterfalls are magnificent. Linh Dan is a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City: Waterfalls are always included in tours of Da Lat. Watching huge volumes of water fall down and crash into white foam and hearing the roaring sound is an unforgettable experience. Nature is magical, incredibly beautiful”.

Each waterfall in Da Lat has its own beauty. Nestled in the center of Da Lat city, the Camly waterfall is about 10 meters high. It is one of the iconic symbols of Da Lat along with Xuan Huong lake and Than Tho lake. The magical beauty of the waterfall is an endless inspiration for poets, writers and composers.

Splendid waterfalls in Lam Dong - ảnh 2
Prenn Waterfall

On Prenn hill, Prenn waterfall is like a natural gate to the city. 20 meters wide and 9 meters high, the Prenn waterfall falls so smoothly. It has been called a “charming curtain”. The Voi waterfall in Lam Da district, 20 km from Da Lat, is a splendid waterfall. Local Nguyen Quoc Quan says Pongour is another tourist destination“The Pongour waterfall, 20 km from Da Lat, is the most beautiful one in the area. Because it’s far from the city and in a forest, the waterfall is still pristine. It’s high and wide. Da Lat residents compare the Pongour waterfall to the beauty of love. It’s huge, soft and embodies the beauty of the highlands. You can camp there and relax with your friends”.

Splendid waterfalls in Lam Dong - ảnh 3
Dambri waterfall

Lam Dong visitors are intrigued by the legends behind the waterfalls. Mr. Quan told VOV: “Each waterfall has a legend behind it. Visitors often visit the Pongour waterfall in January because they believe that the waterfall is sacred and bathing under the waterfall in January will wash away bad luck and bring them love. The Tiger Cave waterfall is not the most beautiful waterfall but it has a beautiful legend”.

The Tiger Cave waterfall nestles in a 308-ha forest. It’s 50 meters high and 500 meters wide. It’s imposing beauty inspires romantic thoughts. The 40 m high Dambri waterfall whose nam4e means “waiting” in the K’ho language, has an associated legend about the undying love of a girl for a boy.

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