VCCI stands side by side with business community, the nation

(VOVWORLD) -The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), a representative of the business community and associations of all economic sectors in Vietnam, has listened to businesses, and, based on their opinions, has offered recommendations to the government to improve the business and investment environment and boost cooperation with other countries. VCCI has fostered the strength of the Vietnamese business community, entrepreneurs and national development.

VCCI stands side by side with business community, the nation  - ảnh 1(Photo:

VCCI was set up in 1963 with its first 93 member associations and has since supported the national economy and business community. For 60 years it has contributed significantly to building policies and a legal foundation for Vietnam’s business environment.

VCCI has always stood side by side with entrepreneurs fulfilling its mission of supporting business development, said Nguyen Huu Thap, Chairman of the Tuyen Quang Provincial Business Association.

“VCCI has helped businesses remove difficulties and obstacles in institutions, policies, production, and trading activities. VCCI has done its job well. When mechanisms, policies, or legal documents need to be amended or replaced, VCCI has sent us revised drafts to gather our opinions on the direct impacts on our businesses,” said Thap.

In addition to promoting institutional reform, VCCI has proposed guidelines and plans for Vietnam’s negotiations to join the World Trade Organization, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, international treaties, and other important policies of the Party and State. This has promoted the international integration of Vietnamese businesses.

According to Than Duc Viet, Director General of Garment 10 Corporation, VCCI has upheld its role in connecting, guiding, and training of trade promotion and exports for enterprises to conquer international markets.

When domestic enterprises are facing challenges of global economic recession, VCCI has put forth recommendations to promulgate proper policies to ease difficulties.

“When businesses need the Government's support in monetary policy, fiscal policy, or human resource policy, VCCI is the representative of the business community, including the Garment 10 Corporation, during the difficult period. VCCI’s proposals have benefited businesses,” said Viet.

VCCI stands side by side with business community, the nation  - ảnh 2VCCI President Pham Tan Cong (Photo: VCCI)

VCCI now has more than 200 business associations, 200,000 companies, and millions of entrepreneurs nationwide who are the core force in management, production, and trading of goods and services to meet domestic consumption and export needs.

From a less developed economy, the Vietnamese economy is now in the world’s TOP 40 in GDP and TOP 20 in international trade.

To realize the vision and mission of building a “Strong Business Community - Thriving Nation”, VCCI President Pham Tan Cong said VCCI will continue to develop entrepreneurs and businesses following new standards and focus on breakthroughs in policy, business culture, and digital transformation.

“We aim at entrepreneurs with a moral foundation. The core of business culture is entrepreneurial ethics. And a really good environment will be created for businesses to grow,” said Cong.

VCCI has attached importance to developing more and better entrepreneurs, to building a business culture with business-people who share a spirit of dedication to the nation, cultural and ethical standards, and social responsibilities, and to developing businesses sustainably for the benefit of the community, society, and national prosperity.