Elton Mess

(VOVWORLD) - Today we’ve got a traditional English dessert consisting of strawberries, meringue, and whipped cream. Can you guess what it is? It's definitely Eton mess. I don’t know for sure why it’s called a mess, but I think it’s because everything is just placed randomly in the glass. It does look like a mess, but believe me, it tastes gorgeous.  

B: This “pretty mess” is a cloudy, creamy dessert with a delicious tangy touch of strawberry. With just 3 simple ingredients the dessert is very easy to make at home, according to Sanny Hoskins, an English University student.

“So, Eton Mess or Jam Roly Poly is probably the one that everyone likes. So with the Eton Mess - it’s like meringue made with egg white and sugar - and they get very white and fluffy. It’s just a kind of very summery dessert but it’s all mixed together and it’s very sweet and it looks very fancy because of all the red and white colors,” Sanny said. 

Elton Mess - ảnh 1This “pretty mess” is a cloudy, creamy dessert with a delicious tangy touch of strawberry (Source: aseasyasapplepie.com) 

A: Creamy, white and soft as snow; the meringues are an important part of an Eton mess and add an airy touch to this tasty dessert. 

B: These light, sweet meringues are so easy to make, and a fantastic and creative way to decorate cakes and cupcakes. I typically buy some from a grocery store, but when I’m free, I make it at home.  

A: Sanny will tell you how to make meringues in your kitchen. 

“First you start by you whisk 2 eggs together with sugar, about 100 or 120 grams, and  then you have to cook that for an hour so it’s hot. After that you take it out and you kind of chop up 3 quarters of it and then you put it aside, then you grab a bowl and you split some strawberries in to make a sauce. You add some cream, because in England we like all our food to have some sort of sauce on it. And then we add the meringue and we add the strawberry in and we mix them all together. You can top it up with the strawberry to make it a bit nicer.”

Elton Mess - ảnh 2With just 3 simple ingredients the dessert is very easy to make at home (Photo: utry.it

A: This dessert should be served immediately, because the meringue will get soft if it's soaking up the moisture from the cream and strawberries.

B: One thing you do need to be very sure of if you make the meringues at home is that your whisk and bowl must be super clean as any residual oils will cause your meringues to break. 

A: It’s best to use a glass or stainless steel bowl, as plastic bowls tend to retain some oil even after scrubbing them with soap and water.

B: That’s how easy it is to make a traditional British dessert at home. 
“Yes. You can make it at home, it just takes a long time because to make the meringue, you have to cook it for an hour. Sometimes I put it on cheesecake, so you get a slice of cheese cake and then you have a scoop of Eton Mess on top.”

B: You can practice again and again making Elton Mess until you get it perfect and enjoy an amazingly good summer dessert.

A: Don't forget, though, to make the meringues the day before you want to serve the dessert. Leftover meringues can be used to decorate a cake. 

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