Tet of young Vietnamese people

(VOVworld) - Tet for Young Vietnamese people is a time for fun, not for food, which is the Vietnamese people’s old concept. When Tet arrives, they go out for fun, travel elsewhere or organize humanitarian activities to make their holiday more significant rather than celebrating Tet in the traditional way at home.

Tet of young Vietnamese people - ảnh 1
Sapa- a popular destination for travel lovers during Tet

This is the 4th year that Hanoi resident Cao Thi Le Anh and her family have celebrated Tet in Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province. Le Anh says such trips give her family a chance to have fun together and more importantly her two children can have a new experience and explore a new place: “My children are always hoping they can go on a trip with us during Tet. We often drive ourselves so that we can stop anywhere we want to explore the life of the local people there. This year, we are bringing some clothes and books to the children in those places”.

Le Anh says her family used to celebrate Tet at home with relatives and friends, but in recent year that tradition has changed: “Previously, I thought I should not leave my family to travel during Tet, but then I thought: I spend my whole year with family, relatives and friends, so I should try something new and do things I can’t do during the year. So, I only celebrate Tet at home with my relatives on the first two days of Tet. On the third day, we leave for some other activities”.

For Vu Thanh Cong, a freelance photographer, Tet is a great time for him to shoot beautiful moments all over the country. He often travels during Tet, sometimes with his family, and sometimes by himself. This Tet, he is going to the northwest to take photo of peach blossoms: “For photo and travel lovers, Tet is a good time to take beautiful shots. In the places where we visit, people will dress in beautiful clothes and there will be a lot of games and festivals at Tet. I want to capture the fresh looks on others’ faces in the spring”.

At Tet, Thu Huong from a communications company in Hanoi wants to bring happiness to orphans and lonely elderly people. In recent years, Huong has spent part of her time serving those in need: “Everybody is happy and excited about Tet. Children have new clothes and old people are happy with family reunions. In humanitarian centers, only unfortunate people gather together. We are young, we have taken a lot and we want to give happiness to others, especially unfortunate children and elderly. In doing so, our Tet is more complete and happier”.

Tet of young Vietnamese people - ảnh 2
Tet festival of Red Dao ethnic minority people

In addition to enjoying new activities during Tet, these young people still honor the season’s customs. Le Anh says she wants her children better understand Vietnamese tradition by paying attention to the little things: “My children are growing up. In addition to preparing for the Kitchen God and for Tet, we show them how to make banh Chung (square sticky rice cakes and pork pies. We organize family reunion parties on the last day of the year, celebrate New Year’s Eve, go out to see firecrackers and prepare lucky money”.

Thu Huong says she feels a little bit grown up when Tet comes but she is still excited to wear new clothes and wait for lucky money from her parents and grandparents. She particularly likes walking along the streets on the last night of the year: “New Year’s Eve is a sacred moment. Though I like wandering streets seeing people and decorations on the street, I return home to welcome New Year’s Eve with my grandparents and parents. I love their New Year wishes which always surprise me. I also prepare New Year’s gifts for them”.

Tet of young Vietnamese people - ảnh 3

Though young Vietnamese people have a different way to celebrate Tet, they honor the holiday’s fine customs. The sacredness and the beauty of the traditional lunar New Year always linger in the hearts of Vietnamese people.