2,430 prisoners pardoned ahead of National Day

(VOVWORLD) -In 2022, the President will grant an amnesty to more than 2,430 prisoners who are serving prison sentences or suspended from serving their prison sentences and have performed good services during their rehabilitation.

2,430 prisoners pardoned ahead of National Day  - ảnh 1(Photo: VOV)

The President's Office, the Ministry of Public Security, the Supreme People's Court, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday announced the President's decision on amnesty in 2022. Vice Chairman of the Presidential Office Pham Thanh Ha said that the amnesty once again affirms the leniency policy of the Party and State and the humanitarian tradition of the Vietnamese people towards the offenders and encourage them to repent and train themselves to be useful to society.

"Like the previous amnesties, the process of considering and deciding to grant amnesty to inmates was strictly implemented, ensuring publicity, fairness, accuracy, and democracy in accordance with the law. However, this time stricter regulations were adopted on the conditions for amnesty and the cases in which an amnesty is not requested. Therefore, the number of pardoned prisoners is less than the previous ones,” Mr. Ha said. 

Deputy Foreign Minister Ha Kim Ngoc emphasized the President's decision to reduce the death penalty to life sentence for 10 convicts, including 2 foreigners, saying that the amnesty was carried out according to the authority of the President, as stipulated by the Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code.

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