Initial research finds Delta kills more than Omicron

(VOVWORLD) -Survey in England showed 78.6% of Covid 19 patients there last December were affected by Omicron and 21.4% by Delta variants. Death rates among Omicron infected people were 128 and it jumped to 189 for Delta variant carriers. 
Initial research finds Delta kills more than Omicron   - ảnh 1Medical staff take samples for COVID-19 test in Seoul, South Korea, February 24. (Photo: YONHAP/VNA)

Researchers in the UK concluded that Delta’s death rates were 67 to 78% higher than among Omicron’s.

The study also showed that the risk of death among patients of COVID-19 regardless of Omicron or Delta in the age group of between 18 and 69 years old is lower than in the age group 70 and older. The risk of dying from COVID-19 is markedly reduced in men compared with women.

This was the first indicative research in Covid-19 death rate variations. 

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