Inmates pardoned on National Day

Inmates pardoned on National Day - ảnh 1
Prisoners serve their jail terms well with a hope of being pardoned (Photo: Hoang Thai)

(VOVworld) – More than 290 prisoners received the President’s decision on amnesty on Sunday in Vinh Quang prison, Vinh Phuc province. These inmates are eligible for amnesty because of their good performance in prison and they served at least one third of their jail term and completed the payment of fines, compensation and other civil duties. Colonel Tran Hung, warder of Vinh Quang prison, said the process of screening is democratic, transparent, publicized and in compliance with law.

In Hung Yen province, 22 prisoners are pardoned on this occasion. Provincial leaders urged grassroots administrations and mass organizations to help the released prisoners to integrate into community and prevent delinquency.