Putin appoints governors in Crimea and Sevastopol

(VOVworld) - Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Sergey Aksyonov Acting Governor of Crimea this week in accordance with Russian Law.

Putin appoints governors in Crimea and Sevastopol - ảnh 1
Sergey Aksyonov- Acting Governor of Crimea

Putin praised what Aksyonov has done to help Crimea to rejoin Russia, but stressed that more effort is needed to reform the Crimean economy, which is facing many difficulties. Putin said gubernatorial elections in Crimea would be held on September 14.

The same day, Putin appointed ex-deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet Vice Admiral Sergei Menyailo Sevastopol's acting governor, following the suggestion of Aleksei Chalyi, who was appointed director of an agency for Sevastopol's strategic development. Menyailo said that the first thing Sevastopol needs to do is to fight corruption, complete a government restructure and, most importantly, ease social tensions.