Tension between two Koreas on the rise

(VOVWORLD) - Relations between the two Koreas became strained last week after North Korea cut off all communication channels with South Korea to protest a campaign to float anti-Pyongyang leaflets across their border.

Pyongyang issued a series of tough criticisms over South Korea and warned that it’s possible take countermeasures, including the military one.

South Korea convened an emergency security meeting on Sunday to discuss the government’s responses to a series of recent threats by North Korea.

The same day, South Korea's Unification Ministry issued a statement saying that both Koreas must strive to abide by all agreements they have reached and the Korean government views the current situation as grave.

South Korean security officials previously urged activists to stop floating anti-Pyongyang leaflets to halt tensions between the two regions and insisted it will continue to abide by the Inter-Korean Agreement.

South Korea's emergency steps were taken a day after North Korea warned it would take countermeasures against South Korea including a military action.