US Election 2020: Judge dismisses President Trump lawsuit in Pennsylvania

(VOVWORLD) -A federal judge on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit by President Donald Trump’s campaign about voting fraud in Pennsylvania, the 6th most populated state with 20 electoral votes. 
US Election 2020: Judge dismisses President Trump lawsuit in Pennsylvania - ảnh 1 Vote Counting Center in Pennsylvania. (Photo: Getty / VNA)

US District Judge Matthew Brann argued that the plaintiffs employed “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence.”

The Judge’s ruling paves the way for the state of Pennsylvania to confirm the victory of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, scheduled to be announced on Monday.

In another development, the state and national Republican parties have asked the Board of State Canvassers to delay certification of the state's election results in a bid to investigate "anomalies and irregularities" alleged to have occurred in Michigan's Nov. 3 election.

A statement from the GOP chairwoman and the Michigan HOP chair called on the state’s board of canvassers, whose job it is to certify the results of the election, to instead “adjourn for fourteen days to allow for a full audit and investigation” into what they claimed were "anomalies and irregularities.” Republicans urged a full vote count in Wayne County, which includes the predominantly black Detroit city.

According to US media, Mr. Biden currently has 306 electoral votes, far more than the 270 votes needed to win the US Presidential Election.

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