Architect Pham Dinh Quy, an “honorary teacher” in mountain region

(VOVWORLD) - Architect Pham Dinh Quy was honored as one of Vietnam’s 10 most inspiring figures in the community in 2018. Quy has turned makeshift, dilapidated classrooms into more than 100 new schools in Vietnam’s mountainous regions.

Architect Pham Dinh Quy, an “honorary teacher” in mountain region - ảnh 1

Architect Pham Dinh Quy and children in the mountainous areas. (Photo:

Pham Dinh Quy has become a household name among children in mountainous areas. Though he has never been involved in teaching, Quy is praised as a special teacher for his enormous contributions to building new schools in disadvantaged areas.

“The local children are so happy whenever they see Quy. He is an outgoing man with a good sense of humor. He never fails to keep his promises,” said teacher Pham Van Dong in Son La province.

Transporting construction materials is a major challenge in building schools in remote, mountainous areas. All the materials are gathered at the foot of the mountain, and then carried by people to the construction site.

“My memory about the first school is still fresh. At that time, everything was new to me, from local culture to the terrain. I was surprised that the locals were so friendly and enthusiastic. Though they did not understand the language of the Kinh, the largest ethnic group in Vietnam, they were eager to help transport construction materials to build schools,” said architect Pham Dinh Quy.

“Previously, it was hard for the children to study in makeshift classrooms in harsh weather. The new schools built by Quy have attracted more pupils,” said Ly Nhu Huynh, a teacher in Lao Cai province.

Architect Pham Dinh Quy, an “honorary teacher” in mountain region - ảnh 2

A school is built in Bac Kan province with architect Pham Dinh Quy’s support. (Photo:

Since 2012, with the support of philanthropists, Quy and his colleagues have built 105 schools in mountainous areas.

“The children should live in a society of love and care. I’m happy that I can do something to bring them a better future,” said Quy.

Over the years, Quy has helped build schools in the northern provinces of Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Bac Kan and Ha Giang.