Khmer woman becomes well-off from husbandry

(VOVWORLD) - Ly Thi Thu Hien of the Khmer ethnic group in the Mekong Delta city of Soc Trang is a role model in husbandry in her locality. Hien now earns an income of 860 USD per month from raising cows.

Khmer woman becomes well-off from husbandry  - ảnh 1Ly Thi Thu Hien becomes well-off thanks to cow raising. (Photo: VOV)

Ly Thi Thu Hien and her family used to live in poverty. After her marriage, she barely had enough money to buy 400 ducks to raise for eggs. In those days, Hien had to take extra work to supplement her duck-raising income. She eventually saved enough money to buy a plot of land. 

Having found duck raising not very profitable, Hien shifted to raising cows which had helped many local households escape poverty. Hien and her husband spent all of their savings to build cowsheds and buy some breeding cows. 

“I spent 2,500 USD to buy 2 dairy cows which were about to give birth and produce a lot of milk,” said Hien.

Hien encountered many difficulties due to her lack of experience, so she did a lot of research, took some training courses in husbandry, and applied some modern technology. 

Hien had an opportunity to expand her cow raising model when Soc Trang province’s Milk Cow Raising Development Project gave her 2 milk cows and a loan with which to expand her facilities and build a biogas reactor. Hien built a clean new cowshed, bought a milking machine and lawn mower, and started growing grass. She now has 16 milk cows, 5 of which produce dozens of kilos of milk per day.

“5 milk cows can give up to 100 kilos of milk per day. I earn more than 200 USD a week selling milk,” said Hien.

Hien plans to expand her cow raising model and become an outstanding participant in Soc Trang’s Milk Cow Raising Development Project.