Military doctor provides free health check-ups for poor patients

(VOVWORLD) - For the past 15 years, Major Ninh Cong Khanh, military medical officer of the Technical Logistics Department of the Da Nang City Boarder Guard, has provided free medical examinations to thousands of poor people. Khanh has received a certificate of merit from the Prime Minister for his outstanding contribution to the community in 2019.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan of Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, suffers from arthritis, which makes it difficult for her to move around. Despite having received a lot treatment, Xuan’s health is not improved. Then she came to Major Ninh Cong Khanh for a medical consultation and acupressure treatment.

“I’ve been to many places in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for treatment, but my condition has not improved. After being treated by Dr. Khanh, I felt much better. My legs were no longer sore and numb. Khanh provides free medical service to poor people,” said Xuan.

Military doctor provides free health check-ups for poor patients - ảnh 1Major Ninh Cong Khanh is checking his patient’s health (Photo: VOV) 

Khanh works at a clinic that provides medical care to military staff and residents of Tho Quang ward. To help local disadvantaged people, Khanh opened a “zero dong” clinic in Lien Chieu district to provide free medical examinations to poor people with arthritis and other bone diseases. Khanh uses acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and spinal manipulation to treat his patients.

Le Van Giau’s daughter in Lien Chieu district is one of many patients who have received free treatment from Dr. Khanh. The daughter has had traumatic brain injury and quadriplegia since an accident in 2009, but her father can’t afford her treatment. In 2012, she was treated by Dr. Khanh. After 7 months, her health began to improve. Giau said: “Thanks to doctor Khanh’s treatment, my daughter now can move around.”

Military doctor provides free health check-ups for poor patients - ảnh 2Major Ninh Cong Khanh (white blouse) and the Da Nang City Boarder Guard provide emergency aid to fishermen in Son Tra district (Photo: VOV) 

Khanh says that he has always felt compassion for disadvantaged people. He finds providing free medical treatment his passion and personal responsibility.

“I feel happy when I see patients smile after their recovery. I hope I can help many more people. I’ve visited many places and given free medical examination to many people.”

In addition to free medical services, Dr. Khanh also gives money to those in need.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Gia Tan, head of Military Medicine of Da Nang city’s Border Guard Command, said Dr. Khanh is trusted and respected by patients and by his colleagues.

“Major Ninh Cong Khanh is a role model in public healthcare for Da Nang city’s Border Guard. Over the years, he has done a good job of taking care of both soldiers and civilians. Now he is assigned to manage a clinic,” said Tan.

Mr. Khanh has received a lot of distinctions and honors for his outstanding contributions to caring for public health.