Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky who inspires generations of Vietnamese students

(VOVWORLD) - Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky, who wrote with his feet, has passed away after a long illness. Ky inspired generations of students to rise up in life. His story has become a symbol of strong will and life-long learning.

Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky who inspires generations of Vietnamese students - ảnh 1Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky. (Photo: laodong.vn)

The story of Nguyen Ngoc Ky’s struggle to overcome a physical handicap has been told in books and inscribed in the memories of generations of Vietnamese students. He is an example of perseverance, determination, and life-long learning. Here are what some students talk about teacher Ky.

I really admire teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky for his strong will.”

“It’s hard to write well, but it’s much harder to write with your feet. Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky could do it because of his great determination.”

“I have always considered him a great teacher. He inspired me and encouraged me to overcome life’s difficulties.”

Nguyen Ngoc Ky was born in 1947, in the northern province of Nam Dinh. He suffered a severe illness and lost the use of his arms when he was four years old. But he decided not to surrender to despair. Young Ky managed to use his feet to do things that other people do with their hands.

Driven by his determination, in 1963, Ky was nominated to participate in the national maths contest. He placed fifth and was awarded a badge by President Ho Chi Minh.

From 1966 to 1970, Ky majored in Literature at Hanoi University. After graduating, he returned to his hometown to work as a teacher.

Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky who inspires generations of Vietnamese students - ảnh 2The memoir “I went to school” by Meritorious Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky. (Photo: truyenhinhvov.vn)

As a member of the Vietnam Writers Association, Ky authored more than 30 works, including poems, stories, and memoirs.

Nguyen Thi Hong Gam, a teacher at An Nhon middle school in Ho Chi Minh City, said she was inspired by Ky’s stories.

“Ky’s books reflect a profound philosophy of life. I learned about strong will and determination, and have conveyed his messages and lessons to my students.”

After Ky was awarded the title ‘Meritorious Teacher’ in 1992, he moved to Ho Chi Minh City and worked at Go Vap district’s Department of Education and Training.

In 2005, he was awarded the title “Vietnam’s first teacher to write with his feet” by the Vietnam Record Book Center.

Despite struggling with health problems, he still met with students, wrote, and gave advice on the 1088 hotline.

Late last month, Ky passed away at the age of 75 after a long struggle with kidney problems. Huynh Thanh Phu, head of Nguyen Du high school, in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, said, “Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ky overcame many difficulties and did marvelous things in his life. His example showed us that “Nothing is impossible.”