The guardian of Bru-Van Kieu ethnic culture

(VOVWORLD) - Preserving cultural values and traditions for future generations is a great concern of many people of the Bru-Van Kieu ethnic minority. Ho Cho, who lives in Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province, is one of them.

The guardian of Bru-Van Kieu ethnic culture  - ảnh 1Ho Cho plays a musical instrument of the Van Kieu. (Photo: VOV) 

Ho Cho’s stilt house contains many everyday items of the Van Kieu, including bamboo trays, baskets, and musical instruments such as gongs and panpipes. Cho has spent a lot of time, effort, and money collecting these items.

“While collecting those items, I encountered a lot of difficulties, including lack of money. Old items have become rare, also. Luckily, I know a few local artisans who know how to restore such items,” he said.

Cho has collected more than 100 items typical of Bru-Van Kieu culture, including panpipes, Ta Lu musical instruments, gongs, and flutes. Among them, a bronze gong is the most precious.

Ho Cho cleans his items once a month to prevent mold or other damage. He is willing to lend them to local agencies and schools for cultural activities and performances.

“The local authorities have supported Chos effort to preserve and promote the cultural values of the Van Kieu and Pa Ko ethnic groups. The district’s Culture Section has agreed to fund Chos future preservation work,” said Nguyen Chi Tuan, Vice Chairman of Thuan commune’s People's Committee.

The guardian of Bru-Van Kieu ethnic culture  - ảnh 2Ho Cho and other artisans play the musical instruments of the Van Kieu and Pa Ko ethnic groups. (Photo: VOV) 

Ho Cho’s efforts have inspired many young people. Nguyen Hung, deputy head of Huong Hoa district’s Culture and Information Section, said, “Ho Cho is a role model for promoting the cultural treasure of the Van Kieu and Pa Ko ethnic groups. His house exhibits many cultural items typical of these groups.”

To preserve their culture, Ho Cho and local artisans meet regularly to discuss and perform folk music and musical instruments.