Vietnamese revolutionary artist fills the soul with music and compassion

(VOVWORLD) - People’s Artist Tuong Vi was a leading figure in Vietnam’s revolutionary music. Her songs reflect her enthusiasm and great love for the homeland. Vi was also known for her kindheartedness. She established music classes for disabled and orphaned children and provided them with a music and art education. Tuong Vi passed away earlier this month at the age of 86.

Vietnamese revolutionary artist fills the soul with music and compassion  - ảnh 1People’s Artist Tuong Vi (Photo:

With her soprano coloratura voice and perfect vocal technique, People’s Artist Tuong Vi is remembered for iconic songs like "Tieng Dan Ta Lu" (The Sound of the Ta Lu), "Nguoi Con Gai Song La" (The Lady of the La River), and "Co Gai Vot Chong" (The Woman Who Sharpens the Spikes), which immortalized her in the genre. Vi’s beautiful voice, resonant with joy, made her a model for generations of Vietnamese singers.

Born in 1938 in the central province of Quang Nam, Vi showed a strong talent for singing at an early age. In 1956 she joined the music division of the General Political Department of the Vietnam People's Army, where she honed her skills in vocal music, showcasing her distinct, clear soprano voice. She graduated from the Vietnam National Academy of Music in 1967 and furthered her studies at the Bulgarian State Conservatoire in 1974.

Vietnamese revolutionary artist fills the soul with music and compassion  - ảnh 2People’s Artist Tuong Vi teaches music for children at the Compassionate Center for Arts. (Photo: VOV) 

During the resistance war against the US, her songs were broadcast on the Voice of Vietnam to boost the fighting spirit of the Vietnamese soldiers and people. Vi could perform in different music genres, including semi-classical, revolutionary, and folk.

She travelled to many countries to perform, including the Soviet Union, Poland, Chile, and Cuba, and won many music awards, including a gold medal at the National Best Singing Voice Contest in 1962 and a gold medal at the Sofia International Music Festival in 1968.

In addition to performing, she also composed revolutionary songs, winning hearts with works including Our Squadron Departs, Homeland is The Sea, and Listen to the Sound of Life. She also wrote songs for children.

After retiring in 1992, Tuong Vi opened a music class for orphans and later founded three Compassionate Centers for Arts to support the music and art education of disabled and orphaned children in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Quang Nam. Thousands of disadvantaged people have benefited from these centers. Artist Ha Chuong got her start there.

“Tuong Vi is my second mother. She holds an important place in my career. She helped me take my first step and followed and supported me throughout my career,” said Chuong.

Vietnamese revolutionary artist fills the soul with music and compassion  - ảnh 3Pham Thi Tram Yen pays her last respects at Tuong Vi’s funeral in Hanoi, May 14, 2024. (Photo; VOV)

Pham Thi Tram Yen, an orphan who was raised at the Hope village for disadvantaged children and later studied at the Hanoi Teachers’ Training College, said she was strongly supported by artist Tuong Vi.

“I used to stay with her at the Compassionate Center for Arts. I have a very special feeling for her. We often had meals together on the weekends,” said Yen. 

Tuong Vi received many accolades, including the title of Meritorious Artist in 1984 and People's Artist in 1993. She holds the distinction of being one of the few artists featured in the Vietnam Military Encyclopedia published in 1996.