War veteran provides free medical exams to the community

(VOVWORLD) - A victim of Agent Orange, war veteran Hoang Quang Minh of the northern province of Lang Son provides free medical exams to the locals. He is affectionately called “the Agent Orange doctor” by people in his locality.

War veteran provides free medical exams to the community  - ảnh 1War veteran Hoang Quang Minh. (Photo: VOV)

In 1964, Hoang Quang Minh joined the army to defend the nation. In 1969, he was seriously wounded on the battlefield in the central province of Quang Nam and was sent back north for treatment. Partly disabled, he began working with agricultural machinery in Lang Son province. Minh got married and fathered 3 children, all of whom were infected with Agent Orange. 

Watching his children suffer the cruel effects of Agent Orange, Minh felt great pain and nearly gave up. But, remembering President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching that a soldier never gives up, Minh thought a long time and decided pursue medicine to help sick people. 

“When I was young, I followed my mum to the forest to collect medicinal herbs. She taught me that a physician must work with his heart,” said Minh.

With the spirit of a soldier and a physician, Minh provides free medical exams and treatment to his comrades and disadvantaged people. Minh says he feels happy whenever one of his patients totally recovers. Hoang Ngoc Duy recovered from asthma thanks to Minh’s treatment.

“I had suffered from serious asthma since I was small. I had undergone various treatments, but they were all ineffective. Mr. Minh completely freed me from this disease,” said Duy.

Many other patients with diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, and kidney stones have turned to Minh for treatment. 

“I always follow President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching ‘war invalids are disabled, but not useless’ and 'physicians must be like gentle mothers.’ I do my utmost to help those in need,” said Minh.

In his locality, war veteran Minh is a role model in many social movements. He delivers talks on Vietnamese revolutionary history and inspires young people to overcome hardships and lead a cultural lifestyle. 

“Minh is dedicated to his work. Despite being a victims of Agent Orange, he has a strong will and a great determination to overcome the difficulties in his life and help others,” said Chu Quyet Thang, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee in Tam Thanh ward, Lang Son city.