Young ethnic minority man passionate about traditional musical instrument

(VOVWORLD) - Duong Doan Quang, the owner of a carpentry workshop Lang Son province, has a great passion for the Tinh, a traditional musical instrument that accompanies Then singing of the Tay ethnic minority. Quang, who builds Tinhs from a variety of woods and metals, is conscious of his role in helping to preserve Tay culture.

Young ethnic minority man passionate about traditional musical instrument  - ảnh 1Duong Doan Quang checks and repairs musical instruments. (Photo: VOV)

Quang often travels to Vietnam’s northern mountains, particularly Cao Bang province, where the Tinh originated, to collect materials for his instruments, which are fashioned from dried gourds, wood, and bronze. 

“I have a great passion for Then singing and had learned carpentry from my family, so it seemed natural to start making Tinhs. I followed my predecessors in making parts of the instrument out of bronze, which creates a beautiful sound,” said Quang.

In addition to making new Tinhs, Quang often repairs or restores older instruments. He has repaired antique musical instruments made by artisans as far away as Guangxi, Guangdong, and Beijing, China.

“My workshop produces around 100 Tinhs a year, to accompany art performances and rituals, or sold as souvenirs. We have received orders from all over Vietnam. Recently Then singing has become more popular, so the demand for the Tinhs is on the rise,” said Quang.

Young ethnic minority man passionate about traditional musical instrument  - ảnh 2Duong Doan Quang showcases Tinhs at his carpentry workshop. (Photo: VOV)

Although he’s very busy, Quang still finds time to perform and teach Tinh playing to local children. A graduate of the Viet Bac Art and Culture College, Quang is an experienced performer at community events.

Mr. Duong Doan Tuan, Vice Chairman of Bac Quynh commune’s People’s Committee, said, “Our commune is developing a club for Then singing and Tinh playing. We have invited experienced people like Mr. Quang to help us. We hope to promote these skills to people of all ages in the hope of preserving this cultural tradition while developing local tourism.”