Young medic’s dedication earns ethnic people’s respect

(VOVWORLD) - Doctor and senior lieutenant Nguyen Duc Nam, has worked for Military Hospital 15 in Gia Lai province for 4 years. He has a reputation as a competent doctor and a proponent of Youth Union activities, and mass mobilization.
Young medic’s dedication earns ethnic people’s respect - ảnh 1

Doctor Nguyen Duc Nam  (Photo: N.T/

After graduation from the Vietnam Military Medical Academy, Nguyen Duc Nam went to work at Military Hospital 15 in Gia Lai, a mountainous province in the central highlands. His patients are mainly ethnic people. At weekends, he often visits villages of the Jrai ethnic people to educate the people about personal hygiene to prevent diseases like dengue fever and diarrhea. Because of  his enthusiasm, doctor Nam has become a good friend of the locals.

Mr. Ksor Leo, head of Nang village, said: “Doctor Nam told us to use mosquito nets to prevent diseases. He is a young, enthusiastic, and devoted doctor. We respect him very much”.

As a Vice Secretary of the Youth Union at Military Hospital 15, Nam launched a herb garden model, and built patient-friendly beds for the hospital’s child patients. Nam takes an active part in providing free medical check-ups and medicine to poor people, building charity houses, delivering gifts to policy beneficiaries’ families, and organizing events for the children in remote areas of Gia Lai province.

Major Nguyen Anh, Deputy Head of Military Hospital 15, said: “Though he is young, Nam is a competent and devoted doctor with good ethics. He is active and enthusiastic in his work and in Youth Union and community activities”.

Nam’s contribution and efforts have been recognized by the Military Hospital and the local people. Nam said he enjoys his work helping other people lead healthy, happy lives.

“I am happy when I can cure patients and see them recover. I feel what my patients feel and sympathize with wha­­­t they are suffering. I will try to do my work better,” Nam added.