A teacher's happy family where members care for one another

(VOVWORLD) - The family of teacher Le Van Quoi of Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho City, is a role model where family values are upheld. Educating children and maintaining family happiness are priorities in Quoi’s family. 
A teacher's happy family where members care for one another - ảnh 1

Teacher Le Van Quoi at the 100th founding anniversary of Chau Van Liem school (Photo: VOV)

Teacher Le Van Quoi’s small house is located on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh road in Ninh Kieu district. Mr. Quoi says that, like many other parents, he and his wife Nguyen Thanh Mai put the emphasis on educating their children, teaching them how to behave and be good citizens. They work together to maintain a cozy atmosphere in their family. Mr. Quoi said: “Parents should set an example for their children in terms of morality and behavior. If the parents behave well and care for the family, they will make a happy family”.

Quoi’s wife Nguyen Thanh Mai says that in 50 years of marriage, Quoi has always taken care of her and helped her maintain the family: “I have two sons. One is now teaching at Ho Chi Minh City’s University of Technology and the other is working at Can Tho University. I am pleased with what I have now”.

Quoi’s oldest son Le Nguyen Doan Huy graduated from Montpellier University in France and is now working at Ho Chi Minh City’s University of Technology. His other son Le Nguyen Doan Khoi studied at Groningen University in the Netherlands and now works at Can Tho University. Despite their busy jobs, they visit their parents often.

A teacher's happy family where members care for one another - ảnh 2

All family members gather on special occasions.

Doan Khoi says that what he learned from his father was to work hard and always help other people. He said: “My father always gives priority to the family. He and my mother always work together to care for the family. For him, family meals are important for connecting family members”.

Quoi’s family is admired by others and considered a model for their neighbors. One neighbor is Ly Thi Thanh Viet: “Quoi’s family takes the lead in local study promotion campaigns. The members of his family always care for one another and are very successful in society”.