“Happy School” spreads love in Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - Inspired by UNESCO’s “Happy School”, a model of the same name has been quickly replicated in Vietnam’s educational institutions since 2019. Founded on the three criteria of love, safety, and respect, Ha Khau Primary School in Ha Long City has made its students more eager to go to school.

“Happy School” spreads love in Vietnam - ảnh 1Principal Nguyen Bich Thuy wishes to instill in the students and teachers a love for the school. (Photo: VOV)

A new school day at Ha Khau Primary School always begins with lots of excitement, a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere, warm hugs, and a friendly high five between Principal Nguyen Bich Thuy, the school’s teachers, and each of their students. This daily routine helps teachers and students become closer and has a positive effect on their morale.

Dao Hai Nam is a 5th-grader at Ha Khau Primary School, and he said: “When it rains, I would usually see our principal standing in the corridor to welcome us. I have never found her absent. The first thing I do when I go to school every day is greet her and slap her hands. I think I can learn from her perseverance.”

 Pham Hoang My is also a student at Ha Khau Primary School: “Every day, our principal greets us when we arrive at school and says goodbye when we leave. Our teachers are very friendly and love us and I feel that every day at school is a happy day.”

Thuy has been maintaining the greeting routine for the past 10 years at every school she manages, even before the “Happy School” model was implemented. This is also her way of spreading love for the school among the students and teachers. If she is ever absent, the school’s members of the Board of Management and teachers would greet the students in her place.

Teacher Nguyen Huong Nhung said: “We are encouraged to learn from the principal and change every day not just during class time, but also in playing, listening, and sharing with our students. The principal is like an older sister who guides us every day to fulfill our duties.”

Teachers at Ha Khau Primary School don’t just care for their student's well-being, but also constantly encourage and motivate them to study hard. Their love, respect, and dedication towards their students, coupled with positive teaching methods have ignited their students’ interest in learning.

Tran Do Bao Cham, a 4th-grader, said: “We feel comfortable with our studies and not at all under pressure. The teachers always teach us with kindness.”

Ha Khau Primary School has not seen violence or violation of teaching ethics for many years. In this “happy school”, managers, teachers, and students can freely express their thoughts, promote their individual capacity, and are encouraged to be creative.
According to Thuy, a “happy school” must be founded on love. It must provide teachers, staff, and students with a happy and comfortable learning and working environment. Above all, the person in charge must set an example in the spirit of love, safety, and respect.

Principal Thuy said: “If you want to get closer and better understand your students, you have to take action. As the school’s principal, I have to adjust my mindset to lead the other teachers, from the teaching process to the way we evaluate and perceive. The happy children, happy classrooms, and happy school are the fruits of our labor after years of implementing the “Happy School” model.”

Parents of children attending Ha Khau Primary School, can rest assured knowing that their children are studying in an environment filled with love, respect, and safety.

One parent said: “My kids enjoy going to school every day. This is a safe and friendly environment for students, and we feel secure sending them to school.”
“This model should be replicated in other schools to motivate children to go to school every day.” Another parent added. 

“Happy School” spreads love in Vietnam - ảnh 2Ha Khau Primary School is one of the first in Vietnam to implement the UNESCO-inspired “Happy School” model. (Photo: VOV)

Ha Khau Primary School is one of the first schools in Vietnam to implement the “Happy School” model launched by the Ministry of Education and Training. It is striving to improve school etiquette and professional ethics, focusing on innovation and creativity, while ensuring physical and psychological safety for teachers and students, providing them a happy and comfortable environment.

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