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(VOVworld)- Enthusiasm, openness, and sincerity are the common features of the group Link Vn. 11 official members and 35 collaborators are young and most of them are students in Hanoi. They all want to join each other in volunteer activities to help the community.

Youthfulness, dynamism and enthusiasm are the impressions that the group LinkVn leaves on others. In their 20s, LinkVn members are eager to contribute to community and society. The group’s slogan is : Connection, Listening, Responsibility, Equality and Unity. Founded in early 2012, the group has organized several volunteer programs. Duong Hoai Linh, Head of the group says: "We organized volunteer programs in Thung Cuong, Moc Chau, and Son La. We have also called for donations in cash and kind such as gifts, clothes and books for children. We mobilized people to join us to go there to live with local people, give them free medical treatment and medicines, and teach the children to brush their teeth and use salt water as a mouth wash. We also have programs to help homeless and disadvantaged children at Ba Vi Center No 4 to find stable jobs".

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LinkVn means linking so members in the group hope to connect people to help the community. Tran Thu Huong, a 12th grader is the youngest member in the group. "On some volunteer trips, we decided to set up LinkVn to connect people to be able to organize more volunteer and to increase exchanges between volunteers. I want to help more people because after each trip, I realize that there are still many unfortunate people", said Huong.

LinkVn has always tried to find a new way to solve difficulties facing volunteer activities. The group began its operation by organizing a vegetarian party at Hanoi Poli-technique University offering 20 different dishes. More than 300 meals at prices between 65,000 and 75,000 VND were sold. "We visited vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi to see how they cook vegetarian food and where they buy their ingredients. We then gathered at a member’s house and cooked together. It was very interesting", said Duong Hoai Linh..

All members of the group were surprised at the success of the party. Hearing about this event led students from other universities to join. Dang Anh Quyet, a student of Hanoi Polytechnique University says: "I think this activity is very meaningful. It was not just a party to get together and make friends but also an opportunity to encourage other young people to follow suit. I think the organizers were very enthusiastic"..

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With money earned from the party, LinkVn says, the group will revitalize a traditional Mid-Autumn festival for school children in Thanh Xuan and Dong Da districts. Later this year, the group will go back to Thung Cuong and Moc Chau to evaluate the outcomes of their activities as well as provide further help for local people.   


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