Party’s flag at Ka Day mountain

(VOVWORLD) - In the 1960s, 18 Chut ethnic minority people from Quang Binh province crossed the mountains and forests and settled down in the deep forest of Huong Khe district, Ha Tinh province. During border patrols, Ha Tinh province border guards found them and encouraged them to settle in Giang village, Huong Lam commune.
Party’s flag at Ka Day mountain - ảnh 1Rao Tre hamlet of the Chut at the foot of Ka Day mountain, Huong Khe district, Ha Tinh province (photo: Pham Tien)

In 1991 Ha Tinh province built a village at the foot of Ka Day mountain in Huong Khe district where the Chut could begin a new life. The soldiers taught them to speak and write Vietnamese and grow rice and other crops. The Chut people, who once lived in caves, have followed the Party, established the Rao Tre Party Cell, and built a happy hamlet.

30 years after quitting their nomadic life, the Chut have a stable life in Rao Tre hamlet, farming and raising cattle and poultry. A turning point for the Chut community came in 2017, when the Chut leaders joined the Communist Party of Vietnam and established the Rao Tre Party Cell.

68-year-old Ho Nam, one of the first Party members in Rao Tre hamlet, has persuaded eight others to join the Party. “We’re grateful to the border soldiers for taking us out of the forest life. Joining civilized society has given us a stable life, a place to grow crops, and sufficient food. Our children go to school and we have access to health care and other services. The Chut people have been taken care of by the Party and State,” said Chut.

Party’s flag at Ka Day mountain - ảnh 2The border soldiers help Chut people harvest rice. 

The Party members in Rao Tre hamlet feel they should be models for other villagers to follow. Rao Tre hamlet chief Ho Thi Kien said: “Life was difficult in the past. At first Rao Tre did not have enough Party members to organize a Party Cell. Then we encouraged young people to join the Party so we could set up a Party Cell. As Party members, we have to set a better example for others to follow.”

The Chut Party members have embraced the Party's ideals and pioneered new livelihoods to improve their lives.

Party’s flag at Ka Day mountain - ảnh 3A Party meeting at Rao Tre hamlet (photo: Sy Duc)

At a Party meeting in the village's spacious cultural house, 11 Chut Party members discussed ways to take advantage of their vast meadow to raise cattle and buffalo, abandon backward customs, eliminate hunger, and find a path for the younger generation.

“We raise cows and we have to cut grass to feed them. We grow grass and maize to store for the winter,” said a participant.

“I propose that all Party members increase their production of plants and pigs. The Farmers’ Association should provide households with breeding animals because many of them lack animals.”

“I propose that the Party Cell organize exchanges with other ethnic groups in Quang Binh province to share experience.”

Rao Tre hamlet at the foot of Ka Day mountain has 40 Chut households. Under the Party leadership, the Chut escape poverty and now they are striving to contribute their part to national development.

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