Physical therapy to treat back pains

(VOVworld) – Treating back pains by putting pressure on the back and the spine is a traditional physical therapy among Vietnamese people. It doesn’t require equipment or infrastructure, just a small stool and a mat for the patient to sit on. Physician Nguyen Ngoc Huong has established a Club called "Impact on spine, Vietnamese therapy" to treat people with spinal pains. 

Physical therapy to treat back pains - ảnh 1
Physician Nguyen Ngoc Huong is treating back pain for a male patient
(photo: Nguyen Ngoc Huong's facebook)

While apply the therapy on Hang Chi, physician Nguyen Ngoc Huong tells her how to self-treat her shoulder and neck pain. Huong said the impact-on-spine therapy can be an effective and less costly treatment for other types of diseases. Mr. Huong opened the Club to teach the therapy to many more people, who will then carry on the profession.

"I open the Club and share my knowledge with other people so they can do what I can. Old members will teach new comers and together we improve our skills and learn new techniques. We provide charity treatment sessions for people while improving our skills through practice.”

The Club members have organized free treatment sessions for thousands of people in many places nationwide.

Physical therapy to treat back pains - ảnh 2
Physician Nguyen Ngoc Huong(in black T-shirt) instructs young physicians to apply acupuncture on a patient

Physician Le Anh Nam said that at first it’s not easy to persuade people to accept this therapy. “At first people hesitated at the therapy, which uses only two hands and no medicine, and can treat 600 diseases. But after one or two treatment sessions, they were surprised at the effective results of this low-cost treatment. The patients don’t have to be hospitalized and take medicine. We hope to introduce the therapy to people nationwide.”

At the latest charity treatment for people in Mai Lam commune, Dong Anh district, the physicians and local people were moved to tears when 62-year-old Pham Duy Thong, who was paralyzed, could walk again, even if lamely.

Thong’s wife said she couldn’t believe it was true:  “My husband had a stroke 6 years ago. He was paralyzed and couldn’t speak. We were running out of hope to help him talk or walk. Before coming here he was paralyzed on one side of his body and couldn’t raise his arms high. After the first session he could say one or two words. After the second session he was able to speak more words. On the third session he could raise his arms high.”

Hang Chi talked about the reasons she joined the Club and learn the therapy: “It’s my karma to meet the physicians who desire to bring Vietnam’s medical quintessence to treat many more people. It’s a low-cost therapy and easy to apply.”

Le Quang Minh, a taxi driver in Hanoi, has learned the "impact on spine" therapy and followed his masters to provide charity treatment. “I’ve learned it from master Toan for a half year. My wife had a fall and she could neither stand nor walk because of a herniated disc. Master Toan applied the therapy on her spine and after 6 sessions she could walk normally. I was surprised at its effect and I followed the masters to learn. I often go with them to provide charity treatment and feel relaxed in my mind when we can treat lots of people.”

Many patients said the "impact on spine" therapy has made the impossible possible. It brings hope to people suffering from hard-to-treat diseases.