Ships from Navy Zone 4 send Tet gifts to Truong Sa islanders

(VOVWORLD) - Navy Zone 4 has dispatched ships carrying goods for Lunar New Year (Tet) to Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago, an annual show of unity from people on the mainland to people living on remote islands.

Ships from Navy Zone 4 send Tet gifts to Truong Sa islanders - ảnh 1Soldiers from Navy Zone 4 prepare gifts for Truong Sa islanders. (Photo: VOV)

Ships carrying food and other Tet items, including kumquat trees, apricot blossoms, green wrapping leaves, sticky rice cakes, pork, chicken, and confectionaries, have arrived in the Truong Sa archipelago. The COVID-19 pandemic has made delivery more difficult, but the soldiers of Navy Zone 4 did their utmost to make sure the goods arrived on time.

Colonel Nguyen Thien Quan, deputy commander of Navy Zone 4, said: “All the goods were carefully collected at the source to prevent contamination.  To ensure safety, we conducted Covid-19 testing and isolated the force transporting the goods. Despite the difficulties, we wanted to ensure that the Truong Sa soldiers and civilians had what they need to enjoy a happy, safe Lunar New Year festival.”

Ships from Navy Zone 4 send Tet gifts to Truong Sa islanders - ảnh 2A Navy Zone 4 ship sets off to Truong Sa island. (Photo: VOV)

Navy Zone 4 made delivering Tet gifts to the islanders a top priority. Colonel La Van Hung, Deputy Political Commissar of Navy Zone 4, said: “Rice, meat, vegetables, peach trees, and sticky rice cakes are the most basic items needed for the Lunar New Year. Our soldiers have prepared the best quality goods for soldiers on the Truong Sa archipelago, so that they can enjoy a fulfilling Tet holiday.” 

Senior Lieutenant Nguyen Trung Thanh of ship 561 said: “We bring, not just goods, but also love from the mainland, which is sacred to the soldiers of Truong Sa archipelago. I feel very honored to do this job.”

“When the ships dock, spring arrives in Truong Sa archipelago”, say the island soldiers when they see the ships arrive from the mainland.