Ukiyo, the first anime musical project in Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - The Ukiyo music concert has, for the first time, brought Vietnamese audiences the musical works of "Your lie in April", a famous Japanese anime cartoon. Conducted by 8 the Theatre, the music project covers many genres of music, especially classical music.
Ukiyo, the first anime musical project in Vietnam - ảnh 1(Photo:
The Ukiyo music project was launched on April 21 at the Youth Theater in Hanoi, offering vivid experiences for those who love "Your lie in April", a film about the deep emotion of school age and youth’s passion for classical music.

The first concert of the Ukiyo project featured 18 songs from "Your lie in April", including classical music arranged in a completely new style.

Hai Phong, the project’s music director, said that he has edited, exactly remade all the mixes of the sound tracks in the movie because the band doesn’t have enough members.

“The most impressive part of this program is 5 songs, especially Nanaimo Symphony, a song with a cheerful melody, fun, and very positive rhythms. Those songs clearly illustrate the movie’s music and content,” said Phong.

The Ukiyo project wants to satisfy the interests of "wibu", the anime fans who have a hobby of dressing up as movie characters.

Nguyen Quynh Chi, the director of the project’s Chapter 1, titled "Brilliant World", said that Wibu are people who have a strong love and interest in anime and Japanese culture.

“Through the project, spectators seem to live in the world of the film by combining the most outstanding images and scenes in the film to create a story, recalling the emotions they felt when they first watched the anime movie. Audiences can play their favorite characters in anime or manga costumes,” said Chi.

The Ukiyo project, involving many professional artists performing classical music and contemporary Japanese works, aspires to bring academic art closer to the mass audience, especially young people.

According to violinist My Huong, this is her first time to have played the music of an anime movie.

“The inclusion of classical music in anime cartoons brings it closer to young people. There are ballads by Chopin and standard-level classical piano pieces. You will feel both the beautiful images and music of the movie,” Huong commented.

Pianist Hoa Thi Huong, another participant in the project, said she loves the movie very much and feels sublimated when playing its music.

“I played the opening song and then ‘Friend A’, a piano solo describing the characters in the movie. The music runs throughout the program, helping the audience live in the movie again,” Huong recalled.

All tickets were sold out in just a few hours on April 20, the day the music project was announced in Hanoi.

The Ukiyo concert aims to bring academic art closer to all people, especially young people. Following a successful performance in Hanoi on April 21, the music project will continue its tour in Ho Chi Minh City next Thursday and Friday.