“Footsteps of Books” spreads reading culture in schools

(VOVWORLD) - A project called “Footsteps of Books” was first launched in Hai Phong City last May. Using the tagline “Each page is a step”, the project encourages book reading and aims to improve the reading culture among students.
“Footsteps of Books” spreads reading culture in schools - ảnh 1A corner of the library at Hang Hai High School in Ngo Quyen district.
(Photo: VOV)

A “Footsteps of Books” contest drew nearly 1,000 entries from students who reviewed a book they has read and tried to inspire other students to read it.

Le Thanh Ngan, a 7th grader at Ngo Gia Tu Secondary School in Hai Phong City, said, “After reading books, I realize that my knowledge of social issues and the culture of other countries has greatly improved. I made a video to introduce the book I read and I hope it persuades other students to read it.”

Another part of the project built school libraries in all 15 districts of Hai Phong City. Each student was asked to contribute one or more books or 50,000 VND to buy a book for their class library. After a period of time, books will be exchanged between libraries.

“Footsteps of Books” spreads reading culture in schools - ảnh 2A book reading session at the library of Hang Hai High School. (Photo: VOV)

More than 1.3 million books and nearly 32,000 bookshelves were donated by Hai Phong students.

Associate Professor Meritorious Teacher Le Quoc Tien, Director of the municipal Department of Education and Training and the project’s founder, said, “‘Footsteps of Books’ creates equal opportunities for all near the city center or in the most inaccessible areas, to read interesting books. Courses in teaching reading skills have been held for teachers, and students have been taught skills to help them read faster and remember more, to make their study more effective. The project hopes to increase the students’ knowledge and help them plan for their future.”

Professor Tien personally donated more than 5,000 books and 400 bookshelves to schools in Hai Phong city.  

Many schools in Hai Phong have found new ways to promote reading. Hang Hai High School in Ngo Quyen district, for an example, now schedules special book sessions at which students can make presentations about the books they have read. The students are encouraged to keep reading diaries.

Eleventh grader Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc of Hang Hai High School said, “In the past, we had little time for reading books because we were busy with studying. Thanks to the project, we have breaks during which we can read books and book review sessions when we can share interesting books with each other.”

“At each book review session, whose slogan is ‘One interesting book a week’, selected students deliver a presentation on a book they read that they hope will inspire others.”

“Footsteps of Books” spreads reading culture in schools - ảnh 3The “Footsteps of Books” project has been implemented in the mountain province of Yen Bai. (Photo: VOV)

The project has spread to schools in Yen Bai province and delivered more than 1,000 books to schools in Yen Bai City and Mu Cang Chai district.

“The project has improved the students’ reading and redistributed books. Book readers are encouraged to write down their thoughts and leave a message for later readers. We hope to continue receiving support from the project and other localities nationwide,” said Huy Thuy, Vice Principal of Pung Luong Secondary and High School in Mu Cang Chai District.