Joint project builds houses for the poor in Lai Chau

(VOVWORLD) - A joint project, which began in 2020, has built or repaired more than 1,000 houses for poor people in Muong Te district in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau. The project, implemented by Lai Chau authorities, HCM city and the Ministry of Public Security, has strengthened local social security.
Joint project builds houses for the poor in Lai Chau - ảnh 1The police force and people of Lai Chau province build “houses of solidarity” for people in Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Te district. (Photo: Quy Trung/ VNA)

Muong Te, a border district, is one of the poorest localities in Vietnam. The project received a total investment of 2.2 million USD, raised by HCMC.

Soldiers, Youth Union members, workers, and officials of the military and police forces of Lai Chau province and Muong Te district donated 22,000 man-days.

More than two thirds of the 1,000 houses are new, said Senior Lieutenant Colonel Lu Van Hoan, head of the district police.

“Building houses for disadvantaged households and people involved in defending national security is meant to boost their morale and relieve their difficulties,” said Hoan, adding, “The Lai Chau government itself plans to continue building houses for poor people in other areas. Every year Muong Te district reviews poor households and families in difficult circumstances to decide who to build houses for.”

Joint project builds houses for the poor in Lai Chau - ảnh 2A house of solidarity is built in Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau province by the border guard and local people. (Photo: Quy Trung/VNA)

The project has been carried out in 14 communes in Muong Te. It costs 2,400 USD to build a new house and more than 600 USD to repair an existing house.

Sung A Chu, Chairman of Ta Tong commune, a project beneficiary, told VOV that a project committee was formed, headed by the chairman of the commune’s People's Committee.

“Each hamlet set up a support group of youths to transport construction materials and donate workdays to the construction. With adequate accommodations, people feel more secure and are more productive,” said Chu.

Having a durable, safe homes gives people more confidence in Party and State guidelines and policies.

“Before the project began we were very poor. Thanks to the State’s support  life has gotten easier. With a house, we don’t have to worry about the weather and feel more secure working in the fields and sending the children to school,” said a Ta Tong villager named Vang Lia Vu.