Military Hospital 354 leads in telemedicine

(VOVWORLD) - An online medical examination and treatment platform has been launched in Vietnam to accelerate the health sector’s digitalization and promote telemedicine. Military Hospital 354 in Hanoi has pioneered online medical consultation.
Military Hospital 354 leads in telemedicine - ảnh 1Military Hospital 354. (Photo:

Telemedicine is one way to reduce patient overload at central hospitals and, these days, help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Using an app called vovdoctor24, Doctor Tong Viet Thang of Military Hospital 354 has given many patients free medical consultations, particularly about coronavirus issues.

“It’s not too difficult for patients to use the application to connect with doctors and medical experts. Vovdoctor24 is proving extremely useful to both doctors and patients,” said Thang.

Military Hospital 354 was the first hospital in Vietnam to use vovdoctor24 to provide free medical consultations, examinations, and treatment.

Major Ngo Thi Dao, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Dermatology at the hospital, said telemedicine has real advantages, particularly in epidemiology.

“Vovdoctor24 is practical for patients, especially those who live in remote areas or feel the problem isn’t serious enough to go to the hospital. A patient who needs a doctor’s advice can call directly or ask for help from a therapist,” Dao told VOV.

Doctor Pham Minh Duc, Military Hospital 354’s Director, said that during the COVID-19 pandemic vovdoctor24 has helped medical workers deliver accurate medical advice.

“As we can talk to patients directly, it has become easier for us to learn their condition and work out treatment methods right from the beginning,” he explained.

Telemedicine will soon be deployed in other military hospitals and then throughout the national hospital system.