Nghe An goes all out to help the poor

(VOVWORLD) - The central province of Nghe An has targeted to build nearly 10,000 new houses for disadvantaged people by 2025 and reduce the poverty rate 1%-1.5% this year. In 4 months, the province has raised enough money to begin construction of these houses.
Nghe An goes all out to help the poor - ảnh 1The goats are numbered before they are delivered to villagers of Nghia Hop in Tan Ky, Nghe An province. (Photo: VOV)

One day at the end of April the campus of the People's Committee of Nghia Hop commune in Tan Ky district was filled with laughter and chatting.

20 disadvantaged families received 61 goats from Nguyen Duc Van, a native of Nghia Hop, who works in Hanoi.

Van said that he knew about the difficult situations of his fellow countrymen from Facebook, adding that he returned to thank the homeland which nurtured his childhood dreams.

“I help my disadvantaged countrymen in the spirit of haves helping have-nots,” Van said.

The 61 goats, worth nearly 9,000 USD, are expected to help the villagers of Nghia Hop escape poverty.

Nghe An has more than 55,000 poor households, accounting for more than 2.7% of the population. Over 15,000 households lack decent housing. The people in mountain, border, and island areas, as well as remote inland areas and regions frequently affected by flash floods are in need of society’s support.

Truong Thiet Hung, Vice Chairman of the provincial Fatherland Front, said, “Nghe An still has a high poverty rate. Our programs to support the poor and near-poor are being spread to help those people rise economically and gradually reduce the number of poor households.”

In February, Nghe An received 1.4 million USD from native sons working in Hanoi to help build houses for poor local families.

Nghe An goes all out to help the poor - ảnh 2More than 20 households in Nghia Hop village are provided with goats. (Photo: VOV)

Nghe An has raised 23 million USD, 3 times the amount raised in the 2020-2022 period, to build and repair houses for people in need, said Tran Doan Lam, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nghia Hop commune.

Lam went on, “Authorities at all levels have always paid attention to implementing the national target program on new-style rural building. A plan has been outlined to use local resources as well as external help.”

“We have asked the Fatherland Front and sectors to develop practical models and mass mobilization movements to help people escape poverty.” 

Nguyen Duc Bieu, Chairman of the Nghia Hop Fatherland Front, said donations by native sons working far from home helped Nghia Hop complete its new-style rural building target for 2021. The commune is working to be recognized as an advanced new-style rural area.

“We have connected Nghia Hop natives who are working and studying elsewhere. Many have enthusiastically responded to the call,” said Bieu.