President Ho Chi Minh lives forever in the hearts of Central Highlands ethnic minorities

(VOVWORLD) - The image of President Ho Chi Minh is imprinted in the heart of every Central Highlander. The Ede ethnic people have expressed their love and respect for President in their simple way of speaking and folk songs.
President Ho Chi Minh lives forever in the hearts of Central Highlands ethnic minorities - ảnh 1Artisan Y-Nguk - H Ƀim sings a song in praise of President Ho Chi Minh at the VOV office in the Central Highlands.

Artisan H'Lan Nie (a.k.a. Aduon Thoai) of Dak Lak province, said that in Ede folk songs President Ho Chi Minh has long been like a shining star leading the group to fight for national independence and freedom.
He is like a fire in a dark night helping them live a prosperous life today.

The folk songs about President Ho are easy to understand, listen to, and go to people's hearts, said H'Lan Nie.

“When we sing about President Ho, we talk about him as a talented leader. Wherever President Ho came, he brought freedom. He helped his fellow citizens escape the bondage of the French colonialists and the invasion of American imperialists. There are rhymes about President Ho such as: ‘Tormented by a deep longing for Uncle Ho/Today the hamlets are well-off/Grateful to Uncle Ho/the person who chased away the bird Ktiă to keep the fields growing maize and melons,’” said H'Lan Nie.

Artisan Y-Nguk Nie (a.k.a. Ae Suang) of Dak Lak province, said the Ede people always remind each other through song lyrics that President Ho told people to unite and love each other to make their villages more prosperous and beautiful.

According to Y-Nguk Nie, “President Ho Chi Minh led the Vietnamese nation to defeat the French colonialists and American imperialists and now to have a happy and prosperous life."

"He told Central Highlanders to love their homeland and wholeheartedly follow the Party and State to make their hamlets more beautiful. Songs about President HCM are an indispensable part of Ede ethnic folk songs,” said Y-Nguk Nie.

The image of President Ho Chi Minh in Ede folk songs is expressed in simple and pure words, filled with respects. 

83-year-old artisan Y Bruat Eban, a.k.a. Ae Nhem, said that Uncle Ho symbolizes the desire for life, independence, and freedom and is a source of inspiration for folk singers.

Y Bruat Eban told VOV, “I didn’t have a chance to meet President Ho Chi Minh, the leader of the Vietnam. But our song lyrics make me feel that I’ve met him. There are songs in praise of him like this: there is no one like President Ho, a talented leader, cutting down bad reeds and grasses, beautifying the villages so that today we have peace and a well-off life.”

President Ho Chi Minh lives forever in the hearts of Central Highlands ethnic minorities - ảnh 2Ede ethnic people express their love for President Ho Chi Minh through simple song lyrics.

For Central Highlanders, including the Ede ethnics, President Ho Chi Minh will live forever in every river, stream, forest, and hamlet.

Ede artisans often sing ‘kut’ melodies to express how much they miss Uncle Ho.
Artisan H’Ƀim Kbuor said that when singing artists can improvise on the spot feelings of longing for President Ho.

 “We remember President Ho Chi Minh but can't see him anymore, so all we can do is sing to express our love for him….. ‘Uncle Ho, I'm thinking about you! Remembering your mild face. How can I meet you now that you’ve gone far away? We remember your voice when you were talking….. No one can be like you, a talented figure. You led the nation brilliantly,’” said H’Ƀim Kbuor.

Ede folk songs give voice to the souls and hearts of Ede people who express their gratitude and love for President Ho Chi Minh through simple lyrics.
The melody and lyrics demonstrate their admiration for the beloved leader who sacrificed his whole life for the Vietnamese nation.