Sinh Ton dry dock

(VOVWORLD) - Fishermen fish day and night in the waters of Truong Sa island district, Khanh Hoa province. They never feel alone because they know the soldiers, military staff, and residents of Truong Sa district are behind them, ready to give them any needed support.
Sinh Ton dry dock  - ảnh 1

Truong Sa island district is a center of offshore fishing.

(Photo: Vinh Phong/VOV5)

Abandoning their meal, the members of the Logistic Service Center on Sinh Ton dry dock hurriedly don life jackets and start the engine of their rescue vessel after receiving an SOS signal from a fishing boat in the Truong Sa fishery, 50 nautical miles off Sinh Ton commune.

The fishing boat, captained by Dinh Van Luc, was less than a week out from the central province of Quang Ngai when its engine broke down. After being towed for most of a day, the boat and its crew safely reached Sinh Ton dry dock and the fishermen were given food, water, and free medical care.

Sinh Ton dry dock  - ảnh 2 Many fishermen come to Sinh Ton dry dock to shelter from storms.

Captain Luc said his engine was repaired by the center’s technicians in just 3 hours and was ready to continue the voyage.

“Members of Sinh Ton dry dock have generously helped us to complete our offshore fishing trip. We were given fresh water and petrol to continue our fishing,” Luc added.

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Members of Sinh Ton dry dock’s Logistic Service Center approach a boat needing repair.

Luc’s boat is one of 100 boats the center has repaired for free in the past year. The center has performed rescues and first aid in 20 other cases, provided at no cost 500 cubic meters of fresh water, and supplied petrol for the same price as petrol on the mainland.

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Soldiers and military staff donate first aid kits to the fishermen.

Major Pham Van Kiem, head of the center’s technician team, said the dry docks in Truong Sa island district give offshore fishermen a source of essential services and skilled troubleshooters.  

“Although the center is underequipped, we do our best to repair the boats and engines of the fishermen. After each success, we feel prouder of standing side by side with the fishermen to preserve offshore fishing and guard Vietnam’s sovereignty,” said Kiem.

The dry docks also provide up-to-date information and legal forms to the fishermen and ship-owners who regularly fish offshore.

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Major Nguyen Van Binh talks about government policies concerning fishermen in the Truong Sa fishing ground.

Major Tran Van Binh, the center’s commander, said: “Whenever fishermen face any mishap, day or night, we are ready to help them. As soon as their boat is repaired and resupplied, the fishermen can safely continue their offshore fishing. Sinh Ton dry dock and other docks in the Truong Sa island district are here to keep the fishermen fishing and to protect Vietnam’s sea territory.”