SUP boarding on West Lake

(VOVWORLD) - Come to West Lake on a beautiful day and you will see people SUP boarding - Stand up Paddle Boarding. SUP boarding originated in Hawaii and was imported into Vietnam a short time ago.


SUP boarding on West Lake  - ảnh 1Besides kayaking, Hanoians are now interested in SUP boarding.


SUP boarding is considered the father of modern surfing. A SUP board is powered by a paddle approximately 2 meters long using a technique similar to canoeing or kayaking.

Tran Trung Kien of the Umove SUP Club, the first SUP boarding club in Hanoi, says Hanoians are getting interested in SUP boarding.

“The slogan of our sport is ‘Freedom on the water’s surface’. Standing in the middle of a big lake is a great feeling and makes SUP stand out,” said Kien.

SUP boarding on West Lake  - ảnh 2

An SUP boat consists of a board and a 2m long paddle.


A SUP board, about 3.5-4m in length, is made of plastic, wood, rubber, or polyurethane. The most popular board in Vietnam is an inflatable board which is light and can be folded into a backpack. A paddle sized to suit the user’s height and a lifejacket complete the necessary equipment.

A SUP boarder can stand, sit, or lie down, and it’s easy to jump off and get back on the board. It only takes about 15 minutes to learn how to control and steer the board.

Hoang Thi Bich Ha from Ho Chi Minh City said:  “The most important thing is to have fun. If you enjoy it, you can easily master it. All you need is patience and a little practice.”

SUP boarding on West Lake  - ảnh 3


Kien said that while the technique of controlling the board is simple, you should always exercise caution, especially if you plan to SUP board where there is no lifeguard.  

“The first thing is to acquire the basic knowledge. The second thing is to always wear life jacket and a SUP leash attaching the board to you foot. If you are a newcomer, SUP board only with an experienced partner. And be sure to familiarize yourself with the place where you intend to SUP board,” he said.

SUP boarding on West Lake  - ảnh 4Each paddle board is equipped with a rudder. (Photo:

Kien advises wearing a SUP boarding costume that is flattering yet comfortable.

"You need room to move freely so avoid wearing clothing that’s too tight. Don’t wear jeans or a skirt. Waterproof sports shoes or sandals are OK. You  should wear a hat and sunglasses if it is sunny and bring along a raincoat if it’s threatening to rain. Electronic devices should be in a water-proof case," he added.

The best time for SUP boarding is the late afternoon. To introduce the sport, Umove SUP Club Hanoi offers SUP board rentals every Saturday and Sunday for 120,000 VND (5 USD) for 2 hours for club members and 200,000 VND (8.5 USD) for 2 hours for non-members.